Grant Programs

The Frison Institute offers seven kinds of grants.  Due dates vary but are generally in the spring and fall.  Budgets may not include indirect costs.  Grant applications can be found here, and instructions for applying for the Rhoda Owen Lewis Award can be found here.

Applications will be evaluated by the Institute's Advisory Committee on a competitive basis. Criteria used in evaluating grant applications include potential to contribute to understanding prehistory, quality of the research design and scholarship, potential for publication, innovative ideas or techniques, and the practicality of the project.

Photo of June and George Frison

June Frison Memorial Fund

This fund provides seed money or project completion funds to professional archaeologists and students affiliated with the University of Wyoming. It is generally limited to the UW faculty and graduate students, but outside applications will be considered depending on availability of funds. Due: September 15.

Small map of Wyoming

Fund for Wyoming Archaeology

This fund was developed in collaboration with the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund to support archaeological fieldwork in the State of Wyoming. The Fund for Wyoming Archaeology provides critical seed funding for an archaeological survey or excavation project. It is available to professional archaeologists working in Wyoming. Due: Feb. 1. Max: $5,000.

Photo of Patrick Mullen

Patrick Orion Mullen Fund in Archaeological Science

This fund is named after Patrick Orion Mullen, who was a doctoral student in the UW Department of Anthropology. This fund provides assistance to graduate students conducting archaeological research with a preference for projects in Alaska, Wyoming, and New Mexico. Successful proposals will take a strong scientific approach couched within human behavioral ecology or human-environment interactions, and use one of the archaeological sciences, such as isotopic studies, archaeological chemistry, demographic studies, geoarchaeology, and mathematical and computer modeling. Projects incorporating public archaeology and aspects of heritage management are welcomed. Due: March 1. Max: $1,500.

Photo of Bill Tyrrell

William and Gloria Tyrrell Fund

This fund is named after Bill and Gloria Tyrrell, longtime supporters of Wyoming archaeology and the Frison Institute. The fund provides support for graduate students or advanced undergraduate students in archaeology researching the archaeology of Wyoming or the Rocky Mountains. Preference is given to students at the University of Wyoming, but outside applications will be considered depending on availability of funds. Due: March 1. Max: $2,000.


WAPA Research Grant

This fund provides research support to a graduate or undergraduate student at the University of Wyoming or one of its partner community colleges. Funds are provided for the purpose of performing archaeological research in the State of Wyoming. Due March 1. Max: $500.

Image of a Folsom point base

Collections Grants

Collections grants defray the cost of visiting the UW archaeological collections for data collection. Most archaeological collections recovered from the state of Wyoming, some 2,000,000 items, are housed at UW in the Anthropology building. This grant can cover travel, living expenses, equipment, supplies, research assistance, and other relevant expenditures. The Institute can provide space for research, as well as some equipment. The application should provide evidence of consultation with the curation facility to determine if the requisite collections will be available. For collections-related questions, contact: Dr. Marieka Arksey,, or 307-766-3671. Applications can be submitted anytime. Max: $500.

Image of an alpine lake

Alpine Archaeology Fund

The Alpine Archaeology Fund supports research into the high altitudes of western Wyoming and the Rocky Mountains. Contact the Institute director for further details.

Photo of Rhoda Owen Lewis

Rhoda Owen Lewis Award

This award is typically $500 and is available annually to non-traditional undergraduate and graduate students who are pursuing a degree with a focus on archaeology Due: Apr 7

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