Working Documents

Associated Students of the University of Wyoming

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The ASUW Constitution Outlines the conditions that ASUW derives its authority and further outlines the broad structure of ASUW. It can only be ammended by a refferendum of the student body.



The By-Laws of ASUW defines the specifics of how the organization is structured. Aditionally the By-Laws contain the code of ethics which every member of ASUW must adhere to.


Rules and Procedures:

The Rules and Procedures of ASUW outline the processes by which ASUW must abide by. 


Budget and Planning Finance Policy:

The ASUW Budget and Planning Finance Policy outlines th best practices to be used by the budget and planning committee while deliberating about the ASUW Budget.


Student Organization Funding Board Policy:

The student organization funding board policy outlines the processes and rules student organizations must follow when receiving funding from ASUW's Student Organization Funding Board.


Elections Policy:

The ASUW Elections Policy Outlines the rules those running for office in ASUW ust follow during their campaign.



Moving Forward

A Strategic Plan for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for ASUW

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