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ASUW Legislative Branch

What is the ASUW Legislative Branch?

The ASUW Legislative Branch is the ASUW Vice President and the ASUW Senate. The ASUW Senate is comprised of 21 Senators who represent the entire student body. 

What does the ASUW Legislative Branch do?

The ASUW Legislative Branch directly represent the students by ensuring the efficient, responsible, and coordinated functioning of student life and ASUW activities at the University, through the enactment of legislation in the form of bills or resolutions. The Senate is comprised of multiple committees all with various purposes in order to accurately represent our fellow students.

Who are my representatives?

Every single ASUW Senator is elected at large. This means that they are elected by, and serve, every single student at the University of Wyoming. There is no division by college. Check out your current senators!

How do I join?

Furthermore, every Spring semester, all Senate seats are up for grabs for the next term. Check out the Elections Page for more information.

You can also join a committee as a student-at-large, which means you even get to be a voting member! Check out our Committees Page for more information about them and how to apply.

You can apply to be part of the College Council with this application! The College Council is an easy, low time commitment way to get more involved with ASUW and your college. Contact asuwvp@uwyo.edu for more information.