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Associated Students of the University of Wyoming

Our Strategic Plan

The Associated Students of the University of Wyoming (A.S.U.W.) celebrates its 110th Anniversary in 2023. In conjunction with this significant milestone, we took the opportunity to reflect on the current context and priorities of the organization, and to forecast a new vision and goals, to guide us on an even more intentional path as the student representatives. 

The 2022-2027 ASUW Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan reflects a five-year vision and serves as a guide for ASUW as we continue to improve our organization to serve our fellow students in the best manner possible. The plan sets us on a path to becoming an even more intentional and focused organization.

Why Strategic Planning? 

Associated Students chose to embark on a strategic planning process in an effort to focus on the overall direction and effectiveness of the organization. We focused on making this a thoroughly inclusive and open process. Through the process, A.S.:

  • Acknowledged and celebrated the work of our students and our staff throughout the past five year.

  • Engaged in over 30 listening session with all parts of the University of Wyoming campus - from President Seidel to every one of our programs and partners.

  • Articulated the current context of the organization and forecasted priorities for the next five years.

  • Engaged campus stakeholders in thoughtful dialogue about the student experience at UW.

  • Aligned the organizational structure, values, programs and services to advance the mission of ASUW.

The Process

A large team comprised of ASUW Senators, executives, professional staff, and representatives from our programs and partners worked collaboratively for months to develop the Strategic Plan outlined here during a series of planning sessions spanning 2021 and 2022.  Input and feedback was provided by a diverse group of stakeholders comprised of students, A.S. staff, administrators and campus partners. The ASUW officially approved the plan on April 26, 2022.

We are grateful to all of the students, administrators, staff, faculty and campus partners who contributed to the process.

We built on the foundation that our previous strategic plan - Moving Forward 2017-2022 - began years ago.

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