2017 John P. Ellbogen Entrepreneurship Competition

The Winners

1st Place: Lev'Sonic

Levente Pap - PhD student in Chemistry from Hungary

Levente's business is based upon a product which is a hardware and software platform that provides a solution for the tedious daily written documentation that medical, engineering, and scientific professionals undergo. The product is a small device that would directly convert speech to digital text via speech recognition in addition to being equipped with safety features such as gas sensors suitable to improving workplace safety while also saving time for employees.

2nd Place: Valued Energy Platform

Greyson Buckingham & John Lee - MBA students

Valued Energy Platform will focus on both enhancing transparency and fostering a competitive and robust E-marketplace in the on-site power generation segment of the oil and gas value chain. Power generation is needed to physically lift oil and gas from underneath the ground, but the current bidding process for seeking out power generation opportunities is antiquated. Leveraging a reverse auction structure, VEP will equip operators with the requisite knowledge to select power generation companies that provide the best lead time, quality, and other value-adding capabilities.

3rd Place: Atmosphere Marketing

Dallin Cooper

Atmosphere Marketing provides a wide variety of digital marketing services to smaller size businesses in the attempt to enhance their market shares and grow with them. By developing customizable templates, they can provide high quality services including website design for much more reasonable costs than typically found. Atmosphere becomes invested in the success of each organization that they work with because their pay structure is related to growth of the business - they bet on themselves to win in the long run!

Video Pitch Fan Favorite: PhotoHound

Keegan Haukass

A unique PhotoCache platform developed to motivate consumers to explore business and event locations by providing innovative advertising opportunities.