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Current Bid Opportunities

The University of Wyoming requires bidding when goods and/or services are anticipated to surpass certain dollar thresholds. In those cases, bid requests are prepared and posted online by UW Procurement Services and UW Operations.

UW Procurement Services posts formal solicitations to BidNet Direct and UW Operations posts to Public Purchase. Both registrations are free.

Some categories of goods/services have specific bid requirements/limitations, which will be identified on the bid document.

Procurement Services can be contacted with any further questions.

Procurement Services' Competitive Solicitations

University of Wyoming Procurement Services posts formal solicitations to the BidNet Direct portal, a service that allows government agencies to post and notify suppliers of solicitation opportunities.

BidNet Direct

BidNet Supplier Support: 1-800-835-4603

Suppliers must register with BidNet to access solicitation documents for the University of Wyoming.  Registration is free, however, suppliers may register for a fee to receive enhanced site functionality and automatic solicitation opportunity notifications.  Suppliers who register for automatic notifications receive solicitation opportunities geared toward their product/service offerings based on the categories they associate with their account.  Suppliers who do not register for the automatic solicitation notifications are responsible for monitoring solicitations and related documentation on their own.

University of Wyoming solicitations posted to BidNet Direct must be submitted according to the terms and conditions stated in the solicitation documents.  

Suppliers are responsible for regularly monitoring BidNet Direct to be aware of opportunities and to review changes or addenda to solicitations. University of Wyoming is not responsible for misinformation received from private plan rooms or plan holders.  Please see Procurement Services' Competitive Solicitations page to access solicitation information for University of Wyoming

UW Operations' Current Bid Opportunities

UW Operations bid requests are prepared and posted online through Public Purchase. Current bids/proposal requests are shown below. However, details about these bids/proposal requests do require registration with Public Purchase– there is NO COST for this registration. 

Please click here to register for Public Purchase.

 Supplier Preferences

Preference shall be allowed in the purchase of materials, supplies, equipment, machinery, or provisions provided by bona fide Wyoming residents when such materials, supplies, equipment, machinery or provisions are of quality equal to those offered by an out-of-state vendor. Such preference shall be five percent (5%) (Wyoming Statue 16-6-105)  However, preferences shall not be given in violation of any Federal law, rule or regulation.  Whenever Federal laws are applicable, Federal laws shall supersede any State laws.

A 10% preference is granted the resident printer bidding on printed needs of any department of the state.  This statute requires one year of residence and printing plant in actual operation in the state, and 75% of the work must be performed in that plant, for the bidder to qualify for the preference (Wyoming Statute Section 16-6-301, Laws, Rev. 1997).

Suppliers must have a current Wyoming residency certification on file with the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services at the time of the bid submission in order to qualify for resident preference.  Inquiries regarding obtaining a residency certification number should be directed to the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services, Labor Standards Office at (307) 777-7261.  The Department of Workforce Services certifies residency and enforces the preference law. 

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