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There are two primary purchasing bodies at the University - Procurement Services (supplies, food, materials, equipment and services) and University Operations (renovation projects, maintenance operations, and capital construction projects). 


Goods and Services are generally procured (i.e., bought) by the University in one of the following ways. 

  1. Competitive Bids: The University requires the bidding of goods and services when total dollar amounts surpass a specific threshold. These bids are accomplished through solicitation platform that Wyoming suppliers can register for at NO COST. Please refer to Current Bid Opportunities tab for more information about the different solicitation platforms for Procurement Services and UW Operations. 

  2. An approved UW issued Purchase Order or University of Wyoming Visa Procurement Card, p-card, is required to be in place before individuals can make purchases on behalf of the university.  A supplier needs to possess an authorized Purchase Order or Procurement Card information before providing goods for the university.  A verbal commitment by university employees is not sufficient authorization for purchases.

In order for suppliers to receive timely payment for these good and services, it must be an authorized supplier of the University. Information on how to become a supplier can be found in the Supplier "How To" Guide.

Procurement Services is pleased to help with supplier questions and concerns!

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