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The BUY-WY initiative formalizes the University’s commitment to supporting Wyoming’s economy through its own purchasing activities – one could call it Cowboys supporting Cowboys!  When the University spends money with Wyoming businesses, that money is more likely to stay in Wyoming, creating local jobs and strengthening the communities in which these businesses reside. As Wyoming businesses succeed, so does the State and University of Wyoming!   

The BUY-WY initiative does not remove the University’s obligation to be good and effective stewards of the funding provided to it. However, it challenges the University community to find ways in which it can expand the involvement of Wyoming businesses in its purchasing activities while operating within existing budgets. Many departments already work with Wyoming suppliers; are there opportunities to deepen those relationships?  Please consider Wyoming businesses first in your purchasing activities.     

In support of the Buy-WY initiative, Procurement Services has acquired sample office chairs from Wyoming Suppliers and has them on hand for testing and consideration by campus departments.   

For questions about the procurement process, please contact Procurement Services at (307) 766-5233 or

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