Engineering Summer Program




ESP Summer 2023:

Date: June 11-17, 2023 (Sunday evening through Saturday morning)

Cost: TBD

*STUDENTS - Before you begin your application, make sure you have the following 3 documents prepared or in the process of being prepared:

1. Interest Essay: (one page) Describe your interest in engineering and explain why you want to attend ESP.

2. High School Transcript (If you have trouble getting the transcript by the deadline, please contact us). 

3. Nomination form filled out by an educator at your school who knows you well (different from the math or science teacher who wrote your letter of support). Please send the following link to the educator who will fill out the form:  coming soon

Please email the 2 documents described in # 1-2 to

ESP ONLINE Application for Summer 2023: Coming Soon

Application Deadline: March 24 , 2023 


Why participate in ESP?

You'll work one-on-one with faculty members and advanced students. This one-week program will expand your horizons, develop creative thinking and problem-solving skills and challenge your imagination. Students who are interested in any career are encouraged to apply. The field of engineering can prepare you for advanced degrees and careers in medicine, law, business, as well as the various fields in engineering. Hosted on the UW campus, you'll be in some of the best labs in the West. Only 36 students will be selected to participate in the program.


Costs & Sponsors

For Summer 2023, the cost per student is TBD. 
Other program costs are provided by the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences and our generous sponsors.

So much appreciation goes out to our fantastic sponsors, which include Union Wireless, Ellbogen Next Generation Engineering Program, College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, Kester Funding, Wyoming Engineering Society, and the Kennedy Endowment.




The program is open to any student, both in Wyoming and out-of-state. If you require additional information, contact Cindy Jones at 307-766-6433 or
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