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College of Engineering and Physical Sciences



The University of Wyoming College of Engineering and Physical Sciences Susan McCormack Center for Student Success Career Services Office is here to help students connect with employers that are or potentially seeking qualified candidates. We particiapte in job fairs throughout the academic year like the BIG Job Fair (held once in the fall and once in the spring), and the STEM Job Fair (held once in the fall and once in the spring). In addition, we provide services directly to students such as resume reviews, mock interviews, job and internship searching assistance, and much more, to help students navigate the stressful experience of finding a job/career! We have also partnered with many companies and developed programs to simplify a student's journey through college and prepare them for their career or graduate school after college.

Watch how UW Career Services have helped students reach their professional goals as you explore how we can help you reach yours!



Tyler Grabner

Tyler heads the CEPS Susan McCormack Center for Student Success Career Services Department and will be focusing on developing relationships with employers in our industry.                                                

Contact Tyler:


Schedule an appointment with Tyler to talk about internships and application procedures by clicking here! 


annie cowger

Annie Cowger

Annie is the CEPS Career Coach and will be focusing on helping students within the college prepare for the professional world by helping with resume reviews, mock interviews, cover letter writing, building connections in the field, gaining internships, and much more!      

Contact Annie:



Schedule an appointment with Annie to talk about internships and application procedures by clicking here! 




Beneficial resources to guide you to your professional goals. Click on the window below for downloadable resources on resumes, cover letters, interviewing, job searching, and much more!



As Handshake should not be the only website you use for job searching, it is a great first start! Handshake is also a useful tool for finding out what events are happening virtually as well as around UW.


Upcoming UW Events

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Current Positions

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There are certain steps that you, as college students, should take to help you explore various career options and move forward with them.
Just like a final exam, your job and/or internship search or program selection is not something you should ‘cram’ for at the last minute.
It takes time, reflection, and different experiences that will help you define what you’d like to do.

Start exploring and learning as early as your first year. We are confident that you will be more prepared to find a career that suits your passions,values, interests, and goals.

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First Year – Reflect and Explore


Many freshmen do get research or internship experience! If you would like to do this yourself, meet with your career coach to get some additional information.

Second Year – Prepare


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Third Year – Experience


Fourth Year – Succeed





Master's and Ph.D. Students


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2022 Employment data

Where did they go?







Average starting salary of graduates


Average Salaries by Major

Major Salary
Architectural Engineering** $88,000
Chemical Engineering $76,256
Civil Engineering $55,634
Computer Engineering* $73,000
Computer Science $58,250
Electrical Engineering $70,786
Mechanical & Energy Systems Engineering $66,536
Petroleum Engineering $88,104


* = 2018 Data       ** = MS Degree Student Data     Follow this link to view the full UW Career Report


Who are they working for?


This is a snapshot of employers as reported by graduates.

What are they doing?

Completion Engineer

Lead Programmer

Wind Data Analyst

Software Development Engineer

Nuclear Engineer

Systems Engineer

R & D Engineer

Spacecraft Engineer

Construction Management Engineer

Business and Regulatory Specialist

Field Engineer

(sample list only)