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 Principal Internship 

University of Wyoming Educational Leadership Program

The 440-hour supervised internship for Principal Interns requires a minimum of 2 semesters to complete.  Most students take a longer amount of time by spreading the requirements out over 1.5 to 2 years (including one or more summer sessions).  There are two parts to the internship:

  1. 6 credits of coursework in EDAD 5580 – Supervised Internship in Educational Administration
  2. 24 NELP standards-based internship activities are completed during weekly discussions

(12 activities in the Fall course and 12 different activities in the Spring course) provide 80 of the 440 internship hours.)

  1. Students must enroll in 2 semesters (Fall and Spring or Spring and Fall) as an active participant. Active class participants, complete, post, and discuss the 24 NELP standards-based internship activities.  The activities are designed so they can be completed in your own school, in a field internship setting, or by reaching out to the appropriate personnel in any school/district setting.
  2. Additionally, students must be enrolled in EDAD 5580 during their final semester of the program to post the ePortfolio. This can be during your second semester as an active member of the EDAD 5580 course (if it is also your final semester in the program) or during another semester, as an inactive member of the EDAD 5580 course.
  • The  ePortfolio Guide outlines the requirements of this professional portfolio which serves as the final, culminating project of the program
  • Be thoughtful when you are taking your final credit(s); you must have completed the elementary, middle school, and high school internships, 2 active semesters (fall and spring or spring and fall) of EDAD 5580 (completing, and discussing, and posting the 24 NELP standards-based internship activities), and all core educational leadership courses (EDAD 5010. EDAD 5020, EDAD 5030, and EDAD 5040) to post your ePortfolio and complete the program. Some typical ways of accomplishing the 6 credits of EDAD 5580 include: 
    • 3 active hours in Fall, 3 active hours in Spring (final semester in program), and posting of ePortfolio in the Spring course
    • 2 active hours in Fall, 2 active hours in Spring, and 2 inactive hours in the semester coursework and internship hours are completed to post ePortfolio
    • 1 inactive hour any semester (Summer, Fall, or Spring) to complete internship paperwork and get approval to begin logging hours, 2 active hours in Fall or Spring, 2 active hours in Spring of Fall, and 1 inactive hour in the semester coursework and internship hours are completed (Summer, Fall, or Spring) to post the ePortfolio
  • *Registration in EDAD 5580 defaults to 1 credit hour.  Once registered, students can change the number of credit hours by going to the "schedule and options" tab.
  1. Internship Fieldwork – Logged hours of internship at the elementary, middle school, and

        high school levels provide the remaining 360 internship hours

  1. 120 hours at the elementary level (K-6) for a total of 3 weeks
  2. 120 hours at the middle school level (7-9) for a total of 3 weeks
  3. 120 hours at the high school level (9-12) for a total of 3 weeks

Please contact Dr. Margaret Hudson (, Internship Coordinator for principal internships, prior to commencing the internship. Also, refer to the student resources page to see all internship information.


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