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The State Nutrition Action Coalition (SNAC) is a collaboration of agencies funded by the USDA Food and Nutrition Service (FNS). The FNS mission recognizes cooperation and working together as vital to the delivery of FNS programs. The State Nutrition Action Coalition process fosters strong collaboration and information sharing across program lines and supports implementation of more integrated nutrition education and promotion activities at State and local levels.

SNAC provides an opportunity for agencies with similar missions in Wyoming to connect and form beneficial partnerships. By promoting consistent messages and sharing appropriate resources, SNAC helps to improve nutrition education across the state.

Wyoming SNAC Team members include the Wyoming Department of Education, Team Nutrition, Wyoming Department of Health (Wyoming Women, Infants and Children Program and Chronic Disease Prevention Program) University of Wyoming (Cent$ible Nutrition Program and Extension), Wyoming Department of Agriculture, Wyoming Division on Aging, and Wyoming Department of Family Services.

SNAC Projects

2008 | The Joe

The Joe is a physical activity project designed for children across Wyoming. The DVD features step-by-step instructions for the complete movement routine. The routine is easy to follow and goes along to the Ragtime Cowboy Joe song.

There are two version of The Joe. The first is a step-by-step tutorial. The second is the routine all together.


2011 | Bulletin Boards in a SNAP

Bulletin Boards in a SNAP aims to communicate consistent nutrition messages through multiple channels in order to reduce the risk of obesity in Wyoming.

You can download the materials for Bulletin Boards in a SNAP here.


2012 | SNAC News

SNAC News is a monthly newsletter focusing on a variety of foods, cooking and shopping tricks, physical activities, and different nutrition tips.

SNAC News can be downloaded for your use.


2015 | Daily Recipes

Daily Recipes is the SNAC team’s most recent project. SNAC complied 365 easy-to-make healthy recipes that can be used for all age groups. The purpose is to encourage healthier eating habits across Wyoming.

The recipes can be found at here.

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