Mid-Semester Feedback

Students' end of semester course evaluations are helpful, but by the time you receive them, it is too late to do anythign for the students who wrote them. Gathering feedback mid-semester, however, allows you to find out what your students are thinking about your teaching, whether they are learning what you want them to learn, and if they need more guidance. You can then make adjustments accordingly.


The Mid-Semester Feedback Process:

  1. The Instructor works with one of our instructional designers to arrange a time to come to the classroom. We can also meet with the instructor before the evaluation if desired.
  2. On the day of the assessment, the instructor introduces the facilitator as someone who is there at his, her, or their request to elicit feedback about the course. The instructor then leaves the room. After a brief overview of the process, the facilitator asks students to answer questions. Students have 5-7 minutes to write their responses to the instructor-provided questions. The following questions often work well: What is the instructor doing that helps you learn? What could the instructor do differently to help you learn more? Is there anything else you’d like to say? Next, the facilitator collects the written responses and elicits oral feedback from the students to get a quick consensus. Then the facilitator leaves the room. The process takes 15-20 minutes.
  3. A couple weeks after the classroom visit, the instructor will receive a report detailing the feedback. The instructor also may also request a meeting with an instructional designer to discuss this feedback.
  4. The instructor then discusses the results with the class to clarify what can or can't be changed.

Note: Mid-semester feedback evaluations are only available October through the first week of November (fall semester) & February until Spring Break (spring semester). 

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