Report Template

The Business Intelligence (BI) Team has created a report template to help report creators get started with a basic layout, and elements that UW requires for a consistent user experience.


The items with red boxes are required in every report. The items in green are suggested.The locations defined in the template are not mandatory for your report, but are highly suggested based on feedback from our report users. The only colors we require the use of are UW Brown & Gold as the primary colors for visualizations. Specific color codes for this can be found on the UW Brand Website here.

Access a live example, and download it from here.

Report Template

Required Items

Unit Logo

Every report is required to have your unit logo. It is suggested to place this in the top left corner of your report. This helps users identify who created/owns the report they're viewing. Your unit logo is available from the UW Marketing site here. If you are using this template, we suggest the two line logo as shown in the template.


The location of the title can be centered or left justified. This will be dictated by how wide you make your PowerBI report. The title of your report should give a good overview of what someone is looking at. Some examples: Course Enrollment, SFA Transactions, Payroll With Fringe FY2023.

Help Button

The Help button should link to either A) Your help document related to the report if applicable (for example a QRG (Quick Reference Guide) or B) The Training page available on this website. You can find that page here.

Report Info

This should be a contact email that people can reach out to if they have questions, comments, or concerns related to your report.

Last Refresh Date

To add a last refresh date, you can follow this tutorial from Microsoft.

Suggested Items

Header and Footer separation lines

Having a gold line to separate your header and footer draws the attention to your content, letting report viewers know where your header and footer start and begin. It is not required, but it can help keep things organized on your report.