Accessing Data

What data is available

UW makes available many different data sources for reporting and analytics purposes. These sources fall into Data Domains including Student, Financial, among others. The UW Data Warehouse and IT Business Intelligence team is not involved with research data. For help with research data please contact the Advanced Research Computer Center.

Requesting a new data source

If your department has a system with data you would like to use for reporting and analytics, but the data is not currently being managed or maintained within our UW Data Warehouse, or connected to PowerBI, please contact the IT Business Intelligence team here to start the warehousing and/or connection process!

How to request access

Accessing data directly for the purposes of report creation and analysis can be started by submitting a TeamDynamix ticket to our Application Security Office (ASO). To start the process click here then "request service" on the following page. Your request will be reviewed in conjunction with you, Data Managers & Data Stewards, and other reporting staff to determine the best path forward for you to get the reports and analysis you need.