Loy and Edith Harris Professorship

  • Loy H Harris

    B.S. General Engineering, Petroleum Option - 1967

    Loy H. Harris of Basin, Wyoming, earned a B.S. in General Engineering (petroleum option) in 1957 and spent his entire first career with Exxon Corporation and its affiliated companies. He began in petroleum production engineering and progressed through a series of positions in the Middle East, North Africa, South America and the United States. In 1988, he was appointed President and Chief Operating Officer of Esso Columbiana, Ltd. in Colombia, where he was responsible for the world's largest open-pit export coal mining operation.
    Upon retirement, he embarked upon a second career, receiving a Master of Divinity degree in 1995 from Duke University Divinity School, and accepted a pastoral appointment at the United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas.
  • Direct Support

    • Development of the WyCS Hub - a space for K-12 educators and students
    • Development, implementation and sponsorship of the first ever Wyoming Innovation Center (formerly WIN) Software Development Bootcamp (2021)
    • Support of Senior Design Projects
      • Secure RFID Authentication (COSC, 2020)
      • Secure Autonomous Rovers (Mechanical Engineering, 2021)
      • 3D Printer Information Extraction (COSC, 2021)
    • Support of 3 Graduate Students (2021)
    • Computer Science Communication Infrastructure (SLACK)
    • Undergraduate student travel to conferences (to present, learn, engage, and grow):
    • Additional Support
      • Shipping (for remote learners)
      • Personal Protection
    • More added monthly!
  • Impact

    2018 - Present

    Since 2018 The Loy and Edith Harris endowment has had a:

    • direct impact on over 100 Uwyo students (300+ Uwyo students/facukty through added infrastructure support);
    • indirect impact on over 300 Wyoming K-12 Educators and Students (through the WyCS Hub)


    In addition, the funds have enabled the development of pilot activities and support that have resulted in the the aquistion of over $6+ million dollars in funding, most of which has gone directly back into the community through the implementation of various teacher professional development and student summer camps.  The Loy and Edith Harris endownment has enabled rapid growth of the Cybersecurity Education and Research Center and Wyoming Advanced Blockchain Lab and the WyCS hub which now support 2 Post-Doctoral researchers, 10 PhD students, 1 MS student, and another 20+ undergraduate students as well as three several external researchers.


    Find out more about Dr. Borowczak and his work here.

B.S. General Engineering, Petroleum Option - 1967