Pressure Sensor

Last Updated: 7/24/18

The Pressure Sensor Module incorporates a material called Velostat with the Arduino.  This material adds more resistance when more pressure is applied to the material.  This module also uses the RGB LED and is dependent on the Velostat.  The LED will change colors depending on the amount of pressure applied to the Velostat.  This module also allows the user to see the levels of resistance applied to the Velostat when the serial monitor is opened.  This is a great building block for a future project using the Velostat or the RGB LED.  It will also prepare the user on how to successfully hook the Velostat up to an Arduino and how to code for it.  This module can be used from K-6. Materials not included in Arduino kit:

  • Velostat      
  • Aluminum Foil      
  • Tape

Pressure Sensor

The presentation material and code can be downloaded at Pressure Sensor.

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