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Leah Ritz

Leah Ritz has 10 years of experience working with preschool through adult aged students in a range of informal science education environments including museum centers, outdoor classrooms, summer camps, and after school programs. While her teaching background is diverse, some of her favorite teaching topics include field ecology in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and soldering simple circuits. Most recently her work has been as the Director of Education at The Science Zone in Casper where she has worked to develop a STEM enrichment resource for learners of all ages across the state of Wyoming. At The Science Zone, Leah developed and led professional development workshops focusing on integrating STEM standards in the Elementary classroom. Leah is continuing to pursue a career in science centers as an exhibit developer where she is able to creatively use technology and everyday items to inspire curiosity and illustrate the connections between STEM fields and the seemingly disparate areas of art, design, literature and the social sciences. In her free time, Leah enjoys spending many hours doing arts and crafts projects as well as endurance sports.