Board of Directors


The Chair and President/CEO are assigned to all committees (per bylaws).


Officers of the Board

Chair:  Doug Stark

Vice Chair:  Scott Macdonald

Secretary:  Martha Brown Wyrsch

President/CEO:  John Stark

Treasurer:  Troy Caserta


Chairs/Vice Chairs of Committees

Executive:  Doug Stark / John Stark

Financial Services:  Lee Betsill / Jim Martin

Investment:  Lindsay Hooper / Amy McGarrity

Legal and Governance:  John Dunn / Martha Brown Wyrsch

Nominating:  John Pieper / Ann Pickard

Real Estate:  Chad Deaton / Robin Bolz


Executive Committee

Chair:  Doug Stark

Vice Chair:  Scott Macdonald

Secretary:  Martha Brown Wyrsch

Immediate Past Chair:  Mary Shafer-Malicki

All Standing Committee Chairs (not Vice Chairs)

Foundation President:  John Stark


Financial Services Committee

Chair:  Lee Betsill

Vice Chair:  Jim Martin

Members:  David Fall (UW Trustee Representative), Terry Gottberg, Scott Macdonald, Ann Pickard, John Pieper, Martha Brown Wyrsch

Senior Liaison:  Troy Caserta


Investment Committee

Chair:  Lyndsay Hooper

Vice Chair: Amy McGarrity

Members:  Lee Betsill, Robin Bolz, Brad Bonner (UW Trustee Representative), Tom Botts, Chad Deaton, Alex Kean (UW Representative), Terry Gottberg, Scott Macdonald

Senior Liaison:  Philip Treick


Legal and Governance Committee

Chair:  John Dunn

Vice Chair:  Martha Brown Wyrsch

Members:  April Brimmer Kunz, Jim Martin, Mary Shafer-Malicki

Senior Liaison John Stark, Brett Befus


Nominating Committee

Chair:  John Pieper

Vice Chair:  Ann Pickard

Members:  April Brimmer Kunz, Mary Shafer-Malicki, Jack Tennant (UWAA Executive Director)

Senior Liaison:  John Stark


Real Estate Committee

Chair:  Chad Deaton

Vice Chair:  Robin Bolz

Members:  Tom Botts, John Dunn, Lindsay Hooper, Amy McGarrity

Senior Liaisons Brett Befus, Troy Caserta

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