Landscape of green forest in Costa Rica, Creative Commons License

First Year Experience in Costa Rica

 "The Geography of Bliss"

Costa Rica is consistently ranked one of the happiest places in the world. In this FYE study abroad class we'll explore first-hand what makes this Central American country so unique!

The First Year Experience course - STEP 1102 - is designed to provide skills that will equip you to interact with the UW campus resources, staff, and faculty; to learn about tools for academic support and wellness; explore academic and co-curricular opportunities; to incorporate personal talents and passions into major and career selection; and to encourage personal reflection of the many new experiences encountered as a first-year student. This class is intended to increase success and engagement at UW as well as improve critical thinking, purposeful reading, and democratic discussion with peers and faculty.

The skills that will help you make the most of your time at UW are precisely the skills one develops while navigating any unknown environment—including a foreign country! That’s why we’ve chosen this course as an ideal opportunity to study abroad. The time and investment you devote to this class and our Costa Rican adventure will serve your academic, professional, and personal future.

Our first FYE Abroad took place January 5-14, 2023.

Spring 2024 Opportunity: May 11-23, 2024

Are you a first-generation college student? Have you not yet traveled out of the U.S.? Apply today!

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