Gannett Expedition

Gannett Peak Expedition with Mark Jenkins

Summer 2018 | 6 credit hours 
ENR 4890/5890 (4) – Gannett Expedition
KIN 4074/5587 (2) – Independent Fitness Training

In this course students will develop the skills, knowledge, and competency to camp and travel safely and swiftly in snowy, mountainous terrain entirely self-supported. This course will provide the next level of academic and field training for students interested in increasing their wilderness, outdoor leadership, and expedition skills.

  • APPLICATION deadline Friday Feb 23
  • Pre-Course FITNESS TEST Feb 26 - Mar 2
    Applicants will be tested on the basic level of physical fitness necessary to ensure the safety of the group during training and expedition. 
  • Selected applicants NOTIFIED Mar 15
    Because of the nature of mountaineering, class size will be limited and an application and a pre-course fitness test will be required. While some knowledge of or previous experience with backcountry travel, mountaineering, and expedition planning would be beneficial, it is not required. Students will be admitted not simply on their existing knowledge and skill sets, but on their cheerfulness, respectfulness of others, ability to work in a team and to resolve conflict with equanimity. 
  • Pre-Course Session COURSE INTRO Apr 25
    Wednesday, April 25, 6-8 pm, Kendall House Conference Room
  • Session 1 INDEPENDENT PHYSICAL FITNESS April 1 - July 30
    Students will complete an independent physical training program.
  • Session 2 EXPEDITION TRAINING May 28 - June 2 
    Consecutive full days of intensive training---including map and compass, crampon technique and expedition behavior at UW and the surrounding area. Each morning will be spent in the classroom, each afternoon in the field. 
  • Session 3 GANNETT PEAK EXPEDITION  Jul 30 - Aug 3
    Students will travel to Wyoming’s Wind River Mountains and attempt the highest mountain in Wyoming, Gannett Peak, at 13,801 feet. 

This course requires complete student involvement in all aspects of the program for the full duration of the course. Field components of the course will involve serious backcountry travel and camping, inclement weather conditions, hiking, and mountaineering. We ask all applicants to be aware that this course involves serious backcountry travel and its inherent potential dangers.  

Course Instructor 

University of Wyoming Writer-in-Residence and National Geographic Contributing Writer Mark Jenkins. 

Requirements & Fees

  • course fees: $500 (includes all transportation and instruction)
  • course fees do not cover:
    • UW tuition & fees
    • hiking boots (must be broken-in prior to expedition)
    • appropriate outdoor clothing
    • Session 3 meals and snacks (expedition food planning & prep will be covered during Expedition Training)
    • textbook: Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills ($20)
  • students must attend all course meetings in Laramie and meet in Laramie for travel to Dubois 
  • students must complete the full Independent Physical Fitness Program

Apply today:




For more information: contact Mark Jenkins, -- 307-745-0010

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