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February, 2024

Student Stories with Bim Kendall House Student Workers

Meet Ezra, Alyssa, and Hope, the Haub School's three front desk student workers for Spring 2024.

During the academic year, Haub School Office Aides sit at the front desk in the Bim Kendall House. They assist with a variety of projects, including reception, running the ENR Jobs Board, stocking our food cabinets, and organizing merchandise for sale.



Full Q&A with Student Workers


Alyssa Dale Photo

November, 2023

Student Stories with Haub School Student Chelsea Turner

Meet Chelsea Turner, a recipient of both the Udall Scholarship, and the Haub School Research and Creative Activities Grant. Chelsea spent this past summer in Bighorn National Forest collecting samples looking for climate change refugia areas contained within mountain ranges. She is currently sorting these specimens for herbarium collections.


"I learned field skills. I learned how to properly pack a hiking backpack, what to pack, safety precautions for food and campsite management, how to purify water, how to interact with wildlife, and what a day is like with no one else around. I am so grateful for this experience and the comfort I was able to find in reverence for nature. I learned where I can trust myself in the backcountry, but also about how I can grow and do things better."


Full Q&A with Chelsea


Chelsea Turner Photo

November, 2023

Student Stories with Haub School Student Aubrey Edwards

Aubrey is a recipient of the Haub School's Research and Creative Activities Grant, who spent last summer in Kemmerer-Diamondville, WY collecting oral histories as this town is switching from coal to nuclear power plants. 

"This is a community participatory research project in Kemmerer-Diamondville in southwest Wyoming. I am working with community members to preserve labor history through an ethnographic, multimedia website. The website comprises oral histories, archival images, video, photographs, and focuses on objects of labor that community members contextualize in their own words."

Full Q&A with Aubrey


Aubrey Edwards

November, 2023

Student Stories with ENR Club President, Emma Jones

Meet Emma Jones, current president of the Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) Club! Emma is a senior, studying ENR and Political Science, with minors in Creative Writing and Honors. She is originally from Papillion, NE. 

The ENR Club is a group focused on connecting people with the natural world and discussing human-environment challenges. Emma, who has been a member of the club for a long time, became interested, “with the ways in which humans interact with the environment… and being part of this club has really allowed me to make connections with a variety of people and interests." With club outings like hikes, fence repairs, panel discussions, or brown bag lunches, the ENR club stays active within the Haub School and Laramie community at large. 

Full Q&A with Emma


Emma Jones Photo

October, 2023

Student Stories with Haub School Student Jeff Dolphin

Jeff recieved the Haub School's Research and Creative Activities Grant, which allowed him to travel to Mongolia studying wold and feral dog interactions. As a graduate student studying Zoology and Physiology, Jeffrey worked with the Koprowski Conservation Lab for this research. 

"Traveling and working in Mongolia was an unbelievable experience. I am a biologist by trade, but I read so much about the history of the world in every place I have traveled... Traveling to Mongolia was my first ever experience visiting a country in Asia, and what I learned and experienced was amazing."

Full Q&A with Jeff


Photo of group in Mongolia

October, 2023

Student Stories with Sustainability Coalition Leader, Kellyn Chandler

Kellyn is an undergraduate student pursuing an BS in Wildlife & Fisheries Biology & Management, and Environment & Natural Resources (ENR). She is originally from Dubois, WY. Kellyn currently runs the Sustainability Coalition, working on local projects and creating events for the community.

"I chose this position because it seemed like a really good outlet for meaningful work on campus. I believe that the world can truly become a better place if we all do what we can. Sustainability is a phenomenal way   to try to make the world a better place. Academically this position inspired me to add the minor, and through the classes I have learned so much and have applied them widely in my life."

Full Q&A with Kellyn

Kellyn Chandler Photo

October, 2023

Student Stories with Haub School Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors work with Haub School staff throughout the academic year to support the Student Services Team. They help out with meeting prospective students, assisting at events, and sharing their unique experiences within the Haub School. Meet our eight Student Ambassadors for the 23-24 academic school year.

"I am a Haubie because I want to make change in the world, and the Haub school fosters that change. I fell in love with the environment of the Haub school my freshman year. It is an extremely positive and uplifting place. I have never found myself leaving a Haub event without a massive smile on my face."
-Sydney Pienias (she/her), junior from Chicago, IL, ENR and Political Science

Full Q&A with our Student Ambassadors

Photo of Student Ambassador tabling

September, 2023

Student Stories with Haub School Student, Leila Johnson

Leila is an undergraduate student pursuing an BS in Environmental Systems Sciences (ESS) and Environment & Natural Resources (ENR). She is originally from Laramie, WY. Leila is currently an Office Aid for the Haub School in the Bim Kendall House, and has had the opportunity to be a part of Haub School Experiential Learning field courses.

"During the Belize trip I went on, I learned a lot both about myself as a student and as a person. I was able to dive deeper into my studies, getting to learn in a more isolated setting completely separated from my daily life. It allowed me to focus more on what we were learning. We were able to see climate change effects and how it’s impacting a lot of our social systems, really showing how interconnected a lot of our environmental issues are with society."

Full Q&A with Leila

Leila Johnson Photo

October 4, 2021

Q&A with Haub School Graduate Student, Courtney Garrity

Courtney is a graduate student pursuing an MS in Zoology/Physiology and Environment and Natural Resources. She is from Fountain Valley, California and received the Haub School Research and Creative Activities Grant to study Dispersed Camping in Jackson, WY.

"This generous grant from the Haub School enabled me to complete my first graduate field season. I spent the summer of 2021 surveying over 300 campsites and piloting a survey and camera trap design for my thesis. I was able to set the groundwork for an expanded second field season next year including more game cameras, experimental signage, and a technician. This project will be instrumental to Bridger-Teton National Forest managers in both preserving the dispersed camping aesthetic visitors love while conserving the biodiversity this area is famous for."

Full Q&A with Courtney

Courtney Garrity Photo

July 6, 2021

Q&A with Haub School Assistant Professor, Dr. Joe Holbrook

Dr. Joe Holbook is an assistant professor of Carnivore and Habitat Ecology with the Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources and Department of Zoology and Physiology.

Joe received his PhD in Natural Resources from the University of Idaho, his MS in Range and Wildlife Management at Texas A&M-Kingsville, and his BS in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Idaho.

Full Q&A with Dr. Joe Holbrook

Holbrook holding wildlife

March 4, 2020

Haub School Student, Alyssa Wesner, Spends the J-Term in Grand Teton National Park

Haub School Student, Alyssa Wesner, shares her experience taking a domestic field course with the Haub School of ENR.

"When I found out that I could take three one-credit winter ecology classes in an immersive 10-day program hosted just outside of Grand Teton National Park and Jackson, WY, I was immediately intrigued. My very first class with the Haub School was attending a field week at the same place, the Kelly campus of Teton Science Schools, and I knew I had to return to round out my final semester as an undergrad."

Read the full blog post

winter ecology course

June 9, 2020

Haub School Student, Zayne Hebbler, Travels Abroad to Queensland, Australia

Haub school student, Zayne Hebbler, describes his experience studying rural and urban landscapes in Queensland, Australia.

"I had the great opportunity of traveling to Queensland, Australia this past summer. I traded the familiar mountainous landscapes of the American West for eucalypt forests and extensive ocean time. Australia has always been a place of great interest to me - the incredible biodiversity, the vast wild landscapes, and the interesting history make it an incredibly unique destination."

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Surfers on beach

March 5, 2020

Haub School Student, Maddie Reid, Travels Abroad to Spain

ORTM and Haub School student, Maddie Reid spent the spring of 2019 in Barcelona, Spain

"I have been interested in studying abroad since I was in middle school, so it was always a part of my plan for when I came to university. I wanted to experience living somewhere out of my comfort zone, and that was different from my usual surroundings. Barcelona was a great fit because I wanted to improve my spanish, it was a big city, and it had a large airport that allowed me to travel to so many different places while I was abroad. "

Read the full blog post

Maddie sitting on rock wall


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