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The Haub School is home to a diverse faculty undertaking novel approaches to environment and natural resource questions in a range of fields.

We value interdisciplinary approaches to address complex challenges. New understanding generated at the Haub School supports sound environment and natural resource decision making for the future.

Read brief, summarized articles highlighting some of the Haub School's recent research: Explore our Research Briefs, with thumbnails of two of the documents
Law and Policy with picture of wind turbines

Public Lands and Wildlife Law

Faculty expertise: Temple Stoellinger

Real environment and natural resource challenges in the West require solutions that draw from many fields of expertise. Professor Stoellinger’s scholarship integrates thinking from the fields of law, energy, economics, policy, and more to explore relevant approaches for decision-making around land, wildlife, energy, and other valued natural resources. Read more


Private Lands with ranchers on horses in the background

Private Lands Stewardship

Faculty expertise: Drew Bennett

Landowners need tools, information, and resources to help keep agricultural operations viable, prepare for the future, and ensure private working lands remain intact for generations to come. Research in the Whitney MacMillan Program in Private Lands Stewardship creates and synthesizes new knowledge about tools for sustaining private working lands. Read more

Climate Change, Land-Based Livelihoods, and Conservation

Faculty expertise: Corrie Knapp

Professor Knapp focuses on understanding how to best manage and conserve working landscapes in the context of climate change, how to assess and intervene in social-ecological systems, and how climate change will impact the quality and distribution of ecosystem services. She also explores how small-scale “experiments” can scale up and lead to larger-scale transformations.

Wildlife on Landscapes with mule deer in background

Ungulate Nutritional Ecology

Faculty expertise: Kevin Monteith

Students and faculty in the Monteith Shop conduct research to support habitat-based, sustainable management of ungulate populations. Their work investigates questions around the effects of predation, habitat alteration, climate change, migration strategies, disease, growth, and novel disturbance through the lens of nutrition. Read more

Carnivore and Habitat Ecology

Faculty expertise: Joe Holbrook

With a focus on mammalian carnivores, research by the Holbrook Team uses extensive data sets to study population and community ecology and improve understanding around why animals are where they are on landscapes, how environmental change influences them, and the roles they fill in broader ecological communities. Further, the interaction between humans and the environment, which has implications for policy, land management, and conservation solutions, informs this research. Read more

Collaborative Solutions with group of diverse constituents working together in the prairie

Collaborative Process

Faculty expertise: Steve Smutko and Jessica Western

Theory around collaborative approaches to natural resource challenges is constantly evolving. Haub School research in this arena explores the discourse around collaborative process for federal land management agencies, private landowners, ranchers, industry, conservation organizations, recreation groups, and other parties to address environment and natural resource decision-making. Read more

Outdoor Recreation with people sitting on rocks with a mountain in the background

Outdoor Education and Experiential Learning

Faculty leader: Curt Davidson

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