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University of Wyoming Division of Information Technology

IT Server Support Options

Information Technology offers three categories (levels) of server support  to UW:

Level 1:  central university servers

Central servers provide services for the entire university. Funding is provided centrally or through special allocations and/or fees. Examples of central servers include student lab servers, email servers, domain servers, DNS servers, file servers, web servers, and administrative application servers (SIS, FRS, HRS, BSR). Central university servers are housed in Information Technology machine rooms.

Level 2:  departmental servers managed by Information Technology

This support option is available for departments who require a server that meets the unique needs of the department. These servers are housed in Information Technology machine rooms and are managed & supported by Information Technology staff. Departments may deem this option more cost effective and reliable than developing and maintaining departmental support staff. Funding for these servers and their ongoing support is provided by the contracting departments. Costs vary depending on the services requested and the size of the server and storage. Base level support includes the management of the operating system and security software, hardware maintenance, and daily data backup. Optional support is offered for application, database systems, and client support. See the Systems Services Fees page for a list of applicable charges. No support is offered for servers that duplicate services provided on central university servers.

Level 3:  departmental servers housed in IT environmentally controlled space

This support option provides environmentally controlled space for departments who require a server that meets their unique needs – but who choose to manage the server themselves. Space is limited and is allocated by the IATAC committee. Space is currently available in the ITC Data Center. There is no ongoing charge for use of the space, however no support is provided by IT for departmental servers – only power, air conditioning, and network access.

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