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All students seeking admission into the Division of Kinesiology and Health, College of Health Sciences, are required to obtain and pay for a Criminal Background Check.  As part of your professional training experience (internship/research experience), clients and/or patients, such as minor children, individuals with disabilities, and/or the elderly, are routinely served.  A background check will ensure that precautions are taken to protect clients/patients utilizing the services of these programs.

The results of the criminal background check may determine if you will be admitted to the program. You must inform the Dean of the College if you are convicted of a crime while enrolled in your educational program. Each training site (e.g., fitness center, hospital, school, private company, etc.) will be informed that a background check has been completed.  You may be required to update your criminal background check each year.

For more detailed information about the background check, please refer to the "Background Check Policy" (also located on the College of Health Sciences "Student Background Checks" web page).

The background check is a requirement of the College of Health Sciences, Division of Kinesiology and Health, NOT the University of Wyoming.


  • The background check is to be completed the SEMESTER PRIOR TO enrolling in KIN/HLED 4015 Internship or KIN/HLED 4016 Research Experience.
  • A charge of approximately $43, payable by credit card, is required to complete the background check. International student costs may differ. All fees associated with the background check are the responsibility of the student.  A copy of your payment screen will serve as notice of background check completion.  Please remember to PRINT THE PAYMENT SCREEN to turn in to your internship coordinator.


How do I complete the Viewpoint Screening Background Check?

  • Go to the College of Health Sciences website

  • Scroll down to the "Student Background Checks" box found toward the bottom of the page.

  • Click on the "Enter screening process" icon to access the University of Wyoming College of Health Sciences' Background Screening website provided by Viewpoint Screening.

  • REMEMBER TO PRINT THE PAYMENT SCREEN to turn in to your internship coordinator.

  • When you first log on to complete the background check screening, you are given a seven-digit application ID#. Write down that number and keep it, since that is your access to your background check results.

  • Once your background check results become available (usually one to two weeks following your application), use your ID# to log on and print off your report. Results are not accessible after 90 days, so it is important to log in within this time frame. If requested, YOU will need to forward a copy of your results to the clinical agencies, as University staff members are not able to print or distribute that information.

  • If you desire to have a copy of your background check mailed to you, there will be a checkbox in the application where you can specify that request. You must mark the box at the time of application to take advantage of this opportunity.

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