KIN/HLED 4015 - Internship Experience

KIN/HLED 4016 - Research Experience




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All students are required to complete a minimum of 6 credits of either KIN 4015 Internship and/or KIN 4016 Research for graduation.

Students are allowed to take up to 12 credits of either KIN 4015 or KIN 4016 towards graduation. You are only allowed to take up to 6 credits of KIN 4016 towards your total. One credit hours is equivalent to 40 contact hours. An informational meeting is held at the beginning of each semester to review Internship requirements.

You must plan for your internship/research experience IN ADVANCE. It is recommended that you begin looking at least one-two semesters in advance to give you time to make arrangements, fill out all needed paperwork and find living arrangements, if needed. A student can divide their required internship hours between two different locations.

Internship applications must be turned in by the application deadlines below. YOU are responsible for finding your own internship. Before you begin, ask yourself, "What is it you really want to experience?" Search online, look at large corporations, hospitals, universities, etc.


The following are the minimum requirements for all students in KIN/HLED 4015/4016. Additional requirements may be necessary, depending upon your specialization and internship site.

1. Senior status (90 credit hours completed).
2. Completion of all K&HP program Core requirements.
3. Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75.
4. Current Cardiopulmonary Life Support (CPR) Certification.
5. Current CHS background check.
6. For KIN 4015 Internship experience - Completion of KIN 3024 (ALL students).
7. For KIN 4016 Research experience – professor’s approval.


Applications MUST be completed (with ALL signatures and dates) by these deadlines. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Spring Semester - November 10th

Summer Semester – The Monday after spring break

Fall Semester - May 15th



The following materials (items 1-3) must be submitted ONE SEMESTER PRIOR to the start of your internship or research experience

1.Complete the application and turn in to Marci Smith, Internship Coordinator.

KIN/HLED 4015/4016 Application (for internships and research experiences)

- UW KH Internship and Research Application Fillable

Please attach the remaining pieces (items 2-3) to the application and turn in ONE packet to the internship coordinator


2. Complete the Background Check and submit a printed copy of the payment receipt to the internship coordinator.

- Background Check website

3. Submit a photocopy of your BLS/CPR certification cards to the internship coordinator.


Each fall and spring semester an informational meeting is held the 2nd to 3rd week of class. Please plan to attend that meet one to two semesters prior to needing to apply.

Internship/Research Experience FACT SHEET

Once you receive approval be sure to register for the PROPER number of credits.


How to change your total number of internship/research credits?

Go to where you add/drop classes & at the top of the page are three yellow tabs. One of them says "schedule & options". Click on that tab & the courses you're enrolled in will appear there. The credits for the classes will be underlined, so click on the credits and it will let you change them. Once you change them, then you need to click the submit button at the bottom of the page.



All internship and research requirements are detailed in the reports and evaluations section. Additionally, this material is available on Wyocourses the semester in which you are enrolled.

For more information about the paperwork required during your internship or research experience please go to the Reports and Evaluations link

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