Large Group of Students in Automobile Manufacturing Plant

Experiential Learning

The MBA Program at the University of Wyoming offers specialized experiences beyond conventional classroom learning. These opportunities aim to equip students with practical skills, ensuring they contribute effectively upon graduation. Graduates from our program are prepared to make informed decisions in real-world business scenarios. Explore the unique experiential opportunities below to gain insights into the dynamics and challenges of conducting business.

Barcelona, Spain

International Experience

The full-time MBA international experiences are designed to expose students to international businesses and the associated political and cultural environment. You'll have the opportunity to travel to Spain, immersing yourself in the intricacies of international business and different cultural landscape. These unique experiences are designed to cultivate leadership skills and global business acumen.



teton mountains at sunset

Jackson Leadership Summit

MBA students engage in an exclusive leadership summit in Jackson, Wyoming, where they partake in a networking dinner and spend a full day with a discerning panel delving into discussions on global strategy and the current state of the economy.


speaker in the Dean's Boardroom

Executive Speaker Series

Integral to delivering a pertinent and industry-acknowledged MBA curriculum, corporate relationships are fostered through the MBA program's Executive Speaker Series, showcasing national industry leaders who not only impart valuable business insights but also establish a robust network for students, offering access to employment and mentorship opportunities.