Bénédicte Sohier

Senior Lecturer



B.A. Stephen F. Austin State University, 2006
M.A. Indiana University, 2008.


Bénédicte Sohier is a native of Brussels, Belgium.  She holds Bachelor's degrees in both French and Geography, as well as a Master’s degree in French Literature. She presents at numerous conferences across the state and country and coordinates La Table Française and a French and Film Series.


FREN 1010: First-Year French I; FREN 1020: First-Year French II; FREN 2030: Second Year French I; FREN 2140: Introduction to Reading; FREN 3050: Third Year French I; FREN 3060: Third Year French II; FREN 3070: Cinema for French Conversation; FREN 3990: French Study Abroad; FREN 4080: Advanced Conversation; FREN 4990: Advanced Independent Study; FREN 4990: French Study Abroad; FREN 5080: Advanced Conversation; FREN 5160: Graduate Reading; FREN 5170: French Study Abroad; FREN 5900: Practicum in College Teaching; FREN 5960: Thesis Research; FREN 5990: Internship; AS 2490: Special Topics; LANG 5900: Practicum in College Teaching

portrait of Professor Sohier


Hoyt Hall 201

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