Unknown Identification Part V

Gram-positive unknowns: Culture A 

_____ - For Gram-positive rods, perform a spore stain from the culture grown on the NSM plate 

_____ For Gram-positive rods, flood the starch side of the starch and spirit blue plate with iodine. Add just enough iodine to cover the surface of the starch agar and allow the plate to sit for 5 to 10 minutes before observing. 

Gram-negative unknown: Culture B 

_____ - Add 6 to 7 drops of Kovac’s reagent to the top of the SIM tube.  

_____ - Perform the MR-VP Test (See Lab 20 New Tests page)

Final Unknown Identification

Now that you have results for your unknown organisms use the dichotomous keys and unknown tables located in the Additional Info Section or the Lab Manual Appendix to identify what your A and B organisms are. Be sure to check with a TA to confirm that you have correctly identified your unknowns. Once you have the correct IDs you can write the Bacterial Unknown Reports.

Clean Up

Once you have completed all of the tests for your unknown be sure to clean up everything you have used.

_______ All plates should be discarded in the Biohaz bin. This includes your original TSA and MacConkey T-streaks from Lab 16.

_______ All tubes should have the tape removed and should be placed on the discard cart. This includes your working and reserve stocks from Lab 17, and your original numbered broth cultures from Lab 16.

_______ If you have any other make-up materials now is a good time to discard those as well.

***Failure to clean-up may results in loss of points