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Our Masters of Public Administration puts you in charge!


The Master of Public Administration (MPA) is a professional degree for those who seek leadership positions in public service. You will learn the skills and techniques to design and implement policies, projects and programs to provide vital daily services and address important societal problems while attending to the day-to-day administrative issues in organizations. Students are prepared for leadership and management positions in the public and non-profit sectors, at local, state and national levels with an emphasis on the development of effective and ethical management of organizations.

The University of Wyoming MPA Program is designed for experienced public officials, as well as for traditional pre-career students wanting to enter public service. Most of the students in the program have been or are employed in public or not-for-profit agencies. Pre-career students find this a valuable learning and mentoring environment that also expands opportunities for subsequent employment.

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Our national, state, and local governments are being asked to perform an increasing variety of functions and services. Today, approximately one of every five persons in the workforce is employed by government, directly or indirectly. Governments must cope with difficult issues and problems that compete for attention and resources. To do this, governments need dedicated, motivated and trained administrators, analysts and specialists.

Masters of Public Administration programs provide education and training for these professionals. The MPA is often a prerequisite to advancement in federal, state and local government agencies. The degree program typically covers a broad range of topics, including:

  • Political and Legal Institutions/Processes

  • Economic, Intergovernmental and Social Systems

  • Organizational and Managerial Skills/Practices

  • Budgeting and Financial Administration

  • Personnel and Human Relations

In addition, MPA programs generally provide opportunities for specialization in some policy area or management practice. Government policies and decisions affect many facets of life - political, social, religious, economic and psychological. Government employees have diverse educational backgrounds, training and occupational orientations. An MPA program encourages this diversity. Public Administration requires interdisciplinary study.




The mission of the Masters of Public Administration Program at the University of Wyoming is to prepare pre- and in-service students for a variety of public sector roles, including leadership, management, and administrative positions in government and non-profit organizations; to instill in our students public service values and professional ethics; and to promote a commitment to the improvement of government and social institutions in the ever-changing public landscape.


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