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UW Nursing Strategic Plan 2017


In the ever-changing education and health care environment, the Fay W. Whitney School of Nursing shapes the profession of nursing and health care, especially rural health care, and promotes a culture of health.


The Fay W. Whitney School of Nursing educates, conducts research and provides service and practice to improve, protect and promote health.


The Fay W. Whitney School of Nursing upholds the University of Wyoming values:

  • Exploration and Discovery

  • Innovation and Application

  • Disciplinarity and Interdisciplinarity

  • Integrity and Responsibility

  • Diversity and Internationalization

  • Engagement and Communication


Goal 1

Driving Excellence:
Significant, Sustained Scholarship

Conduct significant, sustained scholarship to improve health outcomes.

  1. Create a culture that values scholarship.

  2. Recruit and retain diverse scholars who achieve national recognition in their area of expertise.

  3. Enhance scholarly outcomes focusing on targeted scholarly priority areas.

Goal 2

Inspiring Students:
Graduate Nurse Leaders

Graduate diverse nurse leaders who practice to the full extent of their education and shape the future of nursing and health care. 

  1. Foster a transformative learning environment where students can succeed.

  2. Recruit and retain highly qualified and diverse students.

  3. Strategically increase enrollments where feasible.

Goal 3

Impacting Communities:
Collaborative Partnerships
for Improved Health

Expand and strengthen collaborative partnerships across the continuum of care to improve health and health care.

  1. Advance excellent nursing practice.

  2. Enhance visibility and health policy influence of faculty and students.

  3. Engage alumni in the School of Nursing (SON).

Goal 4

High Performing University:
Inclusive Environment,
Vibrant People

Foster a welcoming, inclusive and supportive environment.

  1. Cultivate a culture that recognizes and rewards contributions of all faculty and staff.

  2. Optimize organizational effectiveness.

Building on a Foundation

The Fay W. Whitney School of Nursing Strategic Plan builds on the foundation of the University of Wyoming’s  2017-2022 Strategic Plan, but is designed to address the unique circumstances, challenges, and opportunities facing school of nursing.  UW 2017-2011 Strategic Plan.

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