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Admission Criteria/Application

RN-BSN Completion


Admission Statement

The BSN Completion is committed to academic rigor, serving enthusiastic, self-motivated learners willing to further their professional education in a distance learning environment. We seek AD and diploma-educated RNs with diverse backgrounds and experiences and encourage applications from individuals from traditionally underrepresented groups. We value applicants who have a strong work ethic and who have demonstrated the ability for success in nursing.


Honesty Statement

The University of Wyoming is built upon a strong foundation of integrity, respect, and trust. All members of the University community have a responsibility to be honest and the right to expect honesty from others. Any form of academic dishonesty is unacceptable to our community and will not be tolerated.


Priority Admission

To be eligible for priority admission, you must have your UW admission completed and your application to the Fay W. Whitney School of Nursing completed. The College of Health Sciences background check must be in progress. 

Priority Admission Deadlines:

  • August 1st
  • December 1st
  • May 1st


Admission Requirements

RN-BSN Entry is open to Registered Nurses who are not students or graduates of a ReNEW ADN program at a Wyoming community college. ReNEW ADN program graduates should pursue ReNEW Entry. All RN-BSN applicants are required to hold an unencumbered RN license


Transfer Evaluation

  • When transferring credits to BSN Completion, students may find it beneficial to go to to access the UW Transfer Equivalency Self-Service site. This site can assist in discovering how courses taken at other institutions will transfer and can be used to earn a degree at UW. Transfer evaluation reports created on this site are NOT official but rather serve as a guide.

  • The following site,, identifies other types of acceptable credit such as credit by examination options which include Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) and College Level Examination Program (CLEP).

  • The UW Registrar's Office completes an evaluation of students' transcripts following their admission to the university. Their office determines whether or not courses are found to have UW equivalencies and/or University Studies (USP) attributes. The Registrar is the official evaluator and the School of Nursing further determines which courses are then applicable to the nursing curriculum.

  • As part of BSN Completion application process, transfer coursework will be further evaluated by the School of Nursing to determine transfer equivalency of required courses. Pending approval/clearance on all transfer discrepancies by both the School of Nursing and the Registrar, students' transfer evaluations are considered unofficial.


UW Admission

All applicants must be admitted to UW (go to as a pre-nursing RN-BSN student prior to seeking formal admission to the School of Nursing. Required documentation of transcripts and test scores include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Official transcripts from every college/university attended (including diploma programs) are required. This includes transcripts for coursework that may have only included unsatisfactory grades and/or course withdrawals.

  • For applicants with foreign coursework: The international transcript(s), along with transcript evaluations completed by an approved NACES member, needs to be sent directly to UW. In addition, course descriptions may be required.

  • For applicants with test scores that may meet degree requirements. The official test score needs to be sent directly to UW. 


Fay W. Whitney School of Nursing Admission

In addition to UW admission as a pre-nursing RN-BSN student, all applicants are required to submit an additional application in order to seek formal School of Nursing admission. The BSN Completion Program office will forward a link to the RN-BSN Application for Admission/Readmission after UW admission has been verified.



Notification Process

Admission notifications occur on a rolling basis so there are no application deadlines. Applicants should monitor their email as admission offers are time sensitive.


Final Admission

The following items will be noted within the admission offer and are required in order to finalize formal School of Nursing admission:

  • Meet with an advisor and review the Degree Evaluation noted in WyoWeb.

  • Verification by the BSN Completion Program office of the Criminal background check.

    All students accepted by the School of Nursing are offered admission contingent upon successful completion of criminal background check. (The UW College of Health Sciences requires a background check through a specific company. That information is given to the student in their admission letter.) Students are alerted through admission letters regarding when and where to obtain the criminal background check; students should not begin the process until asked to do so by the School of Nursing. If students complete the criminal background check prior to receiving a School of Nursing admission letter instructing them to do so, the students must repeat the process.

  • Receipt by the BSN Completion Program office of your BSN Completion Entry/Acceptance Form.

  • Verification by the BSN Completion Program office of UW enrollment in nursing for the semester admission is offered.



  • Call (307) 766-6574

  • Email


Updated 12/9/2021

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