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Faculty and research scientists at the UW School of Pharmacy conduct world-class basic and applied research in the pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacy practice, health-care systems, drug-delivery systems, and treatment of disease.


Wyoming INBRE                             

The University of Wyoming is one of 22 institutions funded by the National Institutes for Health IDeA Networks for Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE) Program. INBRE funding is intended to enhance biomedical research capacity, expand and strengthen the research capabilities of biomedical faculty, and provide access to biomedical resources for promising undergraduate students throughout the eligible states.


Wyoming INBRE

Wyoming INBRE


Biomedical Sciences PhD Program

The Biomedical Sciences PhD program is designed to position graduates for long-term competitive success in the rapidly changing and multifaceted health-related arena in the 21st century. It is a research and discovery focused program balancing depth and breadth of content knowledge with "enabling" skills including problem solving, innovation, entrepreneurship,
communication and leadership.

Biomedical Sciences    

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Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics Baskaran Thyagarajan and his research team make up Baskilab.   

Baskilab team



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