The UW Psychology Diversity Committee poses for a group photo.

UW Dept. of Psychology Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

  • Mission

    The Diversity Committee of the UW Department of Psychology is committed to fostering an inclusive and affirming environment that inspires staff, faculty, and students to achieve their full potential. We are a community that welcomes diverse individuals and allies who believe that by engaging in open and empathetic dialogue we can cultivate and support cultural humility, mutual respect, and social justice within our department and the broader community. We conceptualize diversity as differences in race/ethnicity, culture, gender/gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, age, and abilities; and we value the richness that these intersecting identities bring to our community.

  • Vision

    We envision a UW community that not only accepts but also celebrates and integrates diversity as a central tenet of our departmental culture. We aspire to foster a climate reflective of diversity in thought, experience, and identity across staff, faculty, and students; a climate that honors and integrates diverse viewpoints and experiences into classroom, research, and clinical practices. Our Committee’s initiatives to bring forth our vision will prepare the next generation of psychologists who will become leaders, embodying these ideals in their future professional and personal endeavors.

  • Initiatives

    In acknowledgement that equity and inclusiveness are dynamic and conscious practices, we will cultivate and support diversity within research, teaching, and service through the following initiatives:

    1. Incorporating best diversity practices through:

    • Clinical Case Conferences
    • Seminar Series: Diversity in Research and Practice
    • Lecture Series: Creating an Inclusive Classroom

    2. Promoting a sense of community (within and outside of the department) through:

    • Cultural events
    • Information dissemination

    3. Continual assessment of department climate through:

    • Mission statement updates
    • Climate survey every 2-3 years

    The Diversity Committee is currently comprised of the following workgroups dedicated to realizing our objectives: Case Conferences, Teaching Pedagogy, and Research; Inclusive Accessibility; Professional Development & Communication and Dissemination.