Christine McKibbin, Ph.D.

Christine McKibbin


Aging Serious Mental Illness Health Promotion Intervention Development

Clinical Psychology

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Ph.D., University of North Texas 1997

M.S., University of North Texas 1994

B.S., Michigan State University 1991 • (307) 223-2320 • Bio Sciences Bldg 133


Research Interests

My primary research aim is to conduct research to document and improve health and functional outcomes for rural and urban adults with serious mental illness as well as their family caregivers. Research studies in this lab are planned at multiple points along the translational spectrum. For example, our laboratory conducts foundational studies to understand needs of communities and to identify strengths and areas of concern for populations of interest. Recent studies have addressed understanding of these populations across classes of functional health status and cardiovascular risk. Other studies have been conducted to understand needs for health promotion programming for obesity self-management, diabetes self-management, and oral health care. Still other studies have been conducted to examine predictors of successful health self-management such as physical activity or glucose control. Our laboratory works closely with community organizations serving the needs of rural and urban adults with serious mental illness while developing programs and ultimately tests the developed intervention programs in these settings. Finally, we engage in training of community-based service providers to implement developed programs. One of our recent interventions, the Diabetes Awareness and Rehabilitation Training (DART) was recently included by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services in their Reverse Integration initiative whereby key health interventions would be integrated into community mental health centers across the United States.

In addition to these activities, I have a strong interest in developing and implementing programs to improve health outcomes among older adults in rural and urban areas. As such, I serve as the Director of both the Wyoming Center on Aging and the Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program, funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration. Within the 34-activity program, we develop and implement evidence-based geriatric training for health care providers, direct care workers, family caregivers, and older adults themselves. Additionally, we partner with technology companies to develop and test highly innovative technology solutions to improve health self-management for older adults and their family caregivers.

Health and Aging Lab


Academic Positions

2012-present Director, Wyoming Center on Aging

2012-2015 Director, Wyoming Geriatric Education Center

2015-present Director, Wyoming Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program

2013-present   Associate Professor, University of Wyoming, Department of Psychology and Director, Wyoming Geriatric Education Center, Health Sciences

2007-2013   Assistant Professor, University of Wyoming, Department of Psychology and Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

2003-2007  Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, University of California, San Diego, Veteran's Affairs San Diego Healthcare System

2000-2003   Assistant Project Scientist, Department of Psychiatry, University of California, San Diego


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Diagnostic Interviewing Diversity Introduction to Psychology

Clinical Supervision




Representative Publications

McKibbin C, Lee A, Steinman BA, Carrico C, Bourassa K, & Slosser A (in press). Health status and social networks as predictors of resilience in older adults residing in rural and remote environments. Journal of Aging Research.

Wykes, T. L., McKibbin, C. L., & Lee, A. A. (2016). Self-efficacy and Hemoglobin A1C among adults with serious mental illness and type 2 diabetes: The roles of cognitive functioning and psychiatric symptom severity. Psychosomatic Medicine, 78, 263-270.

Bourassa, K. A., McKibbin, C. L., Bartholomew, L.K., Hartung, C. M., Lee, A. A., Stevens, A. E., Buxton, Y. & Slosser, A. E. (2016). Barriers and facilitators of obesity management in families of youth with emotional and behavioral disorders. Journal of Health Psychology.

Chwastiak LA, Freudenreich O, Tek C, McKibbin C, Han J, McCarron R, & Wisse B (2015). Lancet Psychiatry, 2, 465-476.

McKibbin, C.L., Kitchen Andren, K., Lee, A., & Wykes, T. (In press). Oral health in adults with serious mental illness: Needs for and perspectives on care. Community Mental Health Journal.

Chwastiak, L.A., Davydow, D.S., McKibbin, C.L., Schur, E., Burley, M., McDonell, M.G., Daratha, K.B. (2014). The effect of serious mental illness on the Risk of Re-hospitalization among patients with diabetes. Psychosomatics, 55, 134 – 143.

McKibbin, C.L., Kitchen, K.A., Wykes, T.L., & Lee, A. (2014). Barriers and facilitators of healthy lifestyle among persons with serious and persistent mental illness: perspectives of community mental health providers. Community Mental Health Journal, 50, 566 – 576.

*Kitchen, K.A., McKibbin, C.L., Wykes, T.L., Lee, A. & Carrico, C.P. (2013). Depression treatment among rural young-old adults: Preferences and factors influencing future service use. Clinical Gerontologist, 36.

*Leutwyler, H., Wallhagen, M., & McKibbin, C.L. (2010). The impact of symptomatology on response to a health promoting intervention among older adults with schizophrenia. Diabetes Care.

 McKibbin, C.L., Golshan, S., Griver, K., Kitchen, K., & Wykes, T. (2010). A healthy lifestyle intervention in middle-aged and older schizophrenia patients: A six-month follow-up analysis. Schizophrenia Research.


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