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Exercise Video Library

Welcome to the Exercise Video Library!

This page is intended to:

  1. Serve as a resource on proper exercise demonstration and execution*

  2. Help you build your own workouts, whether you are at home or here in Half Acre Gym*

The exercises are organized by drop-down menu into the following categories:

  • Muscle Groups Involved (broadly classified as core, lower-body, upper-body or whole-body)

  • Equipment Involved (bodyweight, barbell, dumbbell, plate weight, etc.) This list will continue to expand as we create videos for more pieces of equipment found at Half Acre; Kettlebells, Circuit Machine, TRX®, ViPR Pro®, Bosu Ball®, Medicine Ball, Resistance Band, etc.

When designing your workout, consider these questions:

  1. What is the intention of your training session?

    1. Activation/Mobility - upregulate the nervous system to better respond to mechanical demands/create space within the body to encourage more movement.

    2. Strength - producing the required amount of force to accomplish a given task. Consider the different types of strength: bodyweight strength, strength endurance, odd-position strength, starting strength, relative strength, and maximum strength.

    3. Power - speed, explosiveness, agility, and quickness. The ability to move quickly.

    4. Cardiorespiratory - increasing the ability of the heart and lungs to deliver oxygen to active tissues and clear metabolic byproducts efficiently.

    5. Restorative – movements that are recovery-based and serve to restore homeostasis and reduce stress.

  2. What muscle groups are you targeting?

  3. What equipment do you have available?

Use the Exercise Video Library to help you create a workout or movement session that aligns with your goals, using the equipment that is available to you. If building a workout, remember to include a 5-15 minute warm-up and cool-down at each end of your workout to experience the best training adaptations. Have fun!

Muscle Groups Involved

Equipment Involved

Introduction to 4-Quadrant (4Q) Methodology**

You may notice that each exercise has three letters next to its name, either LLT, ULT, LMT, or UMT. These abbreviations correspond to the 4-Quadrants below that can describe any type of movement.

LLT = Loaded Linear Training

ULT = Unloaded Linear Training

LMT = Loaded Multi-planar Training

UMT = Unloaded Multi-planar Training

“Linear Training” involves actions that occur in the sagittal plane, which divides the body into left and right halves. We can train with or without load in this plane of motion.

“Multi-planar Training” involves actions that occur in the other two planes of motion; the frontal plane which divides the body into a front and back half, and the transverse plane which divides the body into a top and bottom. Moving sideways incorporates moving through the frontal plane while rotating involves moving through the transverse plane. We can train with or without load in these other two planes of motion.

4Q Benefits
4Q Exercises

4Q Benefits**

Training in each quadrant involves certain unique benefits and adaptations. Below is a short list of benefits to each quadrant and some example exercises.

LLT = Greater recruitment of fast-twitch muscle fibers, ideal for hypertrophy and max strength, high intra-muscular coordination, develop strength “close to the body.” Exercise examples: barbell deadlift, deadlift, bicep curls, forward lunge to dumbbell curl, front squat, bent over rows, incline bench press, overhead squat, kettlebell swings, tricep kickbacks, indoor cycling.

ULT = Greater recruitment of stabilizing muscles, become “bodyweight strong,” increase relative strength, improve “core” strength. Exercise examples: air squats, walking lunges, standard pushups, inchworm, running, handstands, burpees, wall sits, jumping rope, broad jumps.

LMT = Become “cowboy/rancher strong,” high inter-muscular coordination, become strong in lengthened positions and odd-positions, high functional carryover to life and sport. Exercise examples: Lateral lunge to forward reach with medicine ball, transverse lunge to 1-arm dumbbell overhead reach, squat to rotational overhead press, Turkish getup, cable chop, half-kneeling medicine ball rotational deadlift.

UMT = Become “bodyweight strong” in multiple positions and odd postures, increase injury resistance and tissue tolerance at end ranges-of-motion. Exercise examples: rotational squat with foot pivot, lateral crawl with pushup, Z getup, lateral lunge to curtsy lunge, Brazilian pushup, lizard getup, squat to kick through, cartwheels, TRX® 1-arm rotation row, kickboxing, agility ladder drills.

*Disclaimer: The University of Wyoming is not responsible for injuries, accidents, or illness that may occur during virtual offerings and fitness activities. Participants understand and agree that their use of these services is at their own risk. In addition, any information shared from other sources is for you to access at your discretion. The University of Wyoming is not accountable for the results of the content shared.

**4Q Concept Powered by IoM (Institute of Motion)

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