Research Integrity and Compliance


The University of Wyoming is committed to ensuring that all research and educational practices are carried out in a manner that is responsible, ethical, and congruent with our University's mission. The Office of Research Integrity & Compliance is here to assist UW faculty, students, and staff engaged in research. 

Statement on Undue Influence on Compliance Committees

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Institutional Review Board (IRB) 

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)



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Report a Concern


Compliance Personnel

Carolyn Brandt, Senior Director of Research Integrity & Compliance, Research Integrity Officer --- 307-766-3621

Carrie Hesco, Director, Research Security and Conflict of Interest --- 307-766-2089

Kevin Shimkus, Research Compliance Manager, Deputy RIO --- 307-766-5322

Nichole Person, IRB/IACUC Coordinator, Compliance Coordinator --- 307-766-5322

Jim Herrold, Radiation Safety Officer --- 307-766-2638

Hannah Goodnight, Biological Safety Specialist --- 307-766-2723


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