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Governor's Proclamation

See the Governor's Proclamation regarding the importance of Undergraduate Research in the State of Wyoming. Proclamation.

Registration is open!

The annual celebration of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry, formerly Undergraduate Research Day is back! We invite all undergraduates from the University of Wyoming and Wyoming colleges to participate.  

Registration is open until March 24th at midnight. Late registrations will not be accepted. When you register, please have your abstract ready to add. 

Throughout the spring semester, workshops and resources will be available on abstract writing, developing oral presentations, designing posters, and other professional development topics to support presentation preparation. 

 This event is a celebration! We want to highlight the work and time students put into their academic experience. Come share your expertise with your friends, families, mentors, colleagues, and the rest of the university! Visit the Research and Inquiry day page for additional details. 


Register now! 


While we anticipate hosting an in-person event, the format of URID is subject to change according to University of Wyoming and CDC regulations and guidelines in response to COVID-19. Please check the URID website for the most up-to-date information regarding this event. 

For more information about university policies related to COVID-19 please visit: https://www.uwyo.edu/alerts/campus-return/index.html 


Please direct questions to the Undergraduate Research Office (uroffice@uwyo.edu). 


20170824_tcb1326.jpgNatalie Thibault, left, and Logan Fairbourn, both of Cheyenne, dye and perform abrasion tests on sustainable fabric in the Family and Consumer Sciences Textiles lab.

“By combining multiple fields of research, we [are] able to demonstrate to students throughout the state that the only limit to what they can achieve and study in STEM lies within their own imagination”  - Logan Fairbourn, Microbiology Major

Our Mission:

To facilitate engagement in original research, scholarship, and creative activities through mentoring and relationship building for all undergraduate students.



2022 Undergraduate Research and Inquiry Days

The 2022 Undergraduate Research and Inquiry Days will be held April 23, 2022.


 If you have questions please contact Karyn Bercheni or Nichole Lumadue at uroffice@uwyo.edu.


Resources and Workshops

Presentation workshop resources:

 Presentation workshop resources:




Petroleum engineering major Luis Salinas is a born innovator. His diverse academic and personal experiences, have helped him to see connections across several scientific disciplines. Luis has been able to explore his many interests while studying at the University of Wyoming. One of his accomplishments has been to apply for a patent on a system he and a colleague invented that could revolutionize security at border crossings. Read more.

Sanchez-Walk presents at undergraduate research day

Andrea Sanchez-Walk presents at undergraduate research day.