SCGSJ Course Highlights

Introductory Courses

Three students in a classroom setting listening to a lecture

The School of Culture, Gender & Social Justice consists of four disciplines, African American & Diaspora Studies, Gender & Women's Studies, Native American & Indigenous Studies, and Latina/o Studies. The School also offers a Queer Studies minor. Each semeseter each of these disciplines offers introductory courses that provide students with a firm grounding in issues related to race, gender and sexuality, and social justice in particular socio-historical contexts.

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Upper Division Courses

The upper division SCGSJ courses allow students to develop depth and breadth in a range of areas from an interdisciplinary and interrelational perspective. The skills learned and perspectives gained from these courses enhance a student's learning and ability to enage with and transform their communities and society, regardless of what their major focus might be.
While our courses often fill quickly, those with significant enrollment capacity are marked with an asterix. Click on the name of a highlighted course to obtain a full course description.

Contemporary Issues

  • American Indians in Contemporary Society
  • Chicana/os in Contemporary Society
  • Cross Cultural Place & Identity*
  • Ecofeminism
  • Gender & Society
  • Latinos in Contemporary Society
  • Native American Food Sovereignty and Health
  • Popular Music & Sexualities
  • Queer Crip Performance & Activism
  • Social Justice & the Law
  • U.S. Women of Color
  • Women's Bodies/Women's Minds

Language, History, & Culture

  • African American History
  • American Indian Women
  • American Southwest
  • Beginning Indigenous Language--Arapaho*
  • Beginning Indigenous Language--Lakota
  • Intermediate Indigenous Language--Arapaho
  • Proficient Indigenous Language--Arapaho
  • Advanced Indigenous Language--Arapaho
  • Cultures of Nature
  • Cross Cultural Place & Identity*
  • History of Women Artists
  • Perspectives: Chicana Studies
  • Chicano History Since 1900
  • U.S. Women of Color

Literature & the Arts

  • African American Music
  • American Indian Literature
  • Blues and African American Literature
  • History of Women Artists
  • Latino Literature
  • Queer Crip Performance & Activism
  • Race, Gender, & Film

Philosophy & Religion

  • African American Religious Culture
  • African Philosophy
  • African Spirits in the New World
  • Women's Bodies/Women's Minds

Politics, Law, & Advocacy

  • Asian American & Pacific Islander Activism
  • Black Politics
  • Drug War Geopolitics in Americas Latina/os
  • Gender & Crime
  • Gender & Politics
  • Queer Crip Performance & Activism
  • Social Justice & Law

Theory, Methods, & Analysis

  • Gender & Society
  • Queer Theory