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The Center for Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCCC) at the University of Wyoming's (UW) School of Energy Resources is a collaborative group of research scientists and entrepreneurs focused on supporting the future of Wyoming coal and creating economic development & diversification opportunities.  

CCCC research scientists actively work on supporting existing markets and finding novel, non-energy uses for Wyoming coal by:

    • Enabling the continued use of Wyoming coal in thermal applications and advancing clean, energy-based systems and technologies. 

    • Developing novel, marketable products derived from coal.

    • Investing in carbon engineering processes and product technologies that consume large volumes of Wyoming coal and add value. 

    • Finding opportunities to utilize existing existing Wyoming coal industry professional talents, creating new coal-based manufacturing businesses.

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The mission of the CCCC is to develop new high-volume uses for coal and to explore new opportunities in an evolving carbon market. CCCC delves into the potential marketable properties of higher-value coal products from Wyoming coal. The design and function of the technology used in these projects are created with the intention of conversion for large-scale, commercialization.


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The CCCC has projects at various stages from fundamental research, applied research, technology development, and field demonstrations. Focus areas include developing an array of novel products derived from coal, the creation of advanced energy systems, and an emphasis on technology transfer to commercialization.


Contact Us:

Trina Igelsrud Pfeiffer
Energy Innovation Center (EIC)
1000 E. University Avenue, Dept. 3012
Laramie, WY 82071-2000
Phone: 307-760-6887
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