SPPAIS Study Abroad Award

Awards up to $2,500



The SPPAIS Study Abroad Award provides financial support of up to $2,500 for students who seek to participate in an international study abroad opportunity as part of their academic program at UW. Uses may include, but not be limited to, funds for travel and living expenses associated with short-term faculty-led study abroad programs as well as more traditional semester-long or year-long study abroad opportunities at international academic institutions. Eligible students include undergraduate and graduate International Studies and Political Science majors, as well as graduate MPA students.



Applicants must be:
  1. Active students
  2. Graduate or Undergraduate students
  3. Political Science Majors, International Studies Majors, or students in the MPA Program


How to Apply

Apply via UW's WyoScholarships platform: https://uwyo.academicworks.com/admin/opportunities/31436

Be prepared to provide the location, date, total cost, and amount requested for your proposed study abroad opportunity. You will also need to provide a letter of recommendation from your faculty adviser and a PDF of your unofficial transcript.

Be prepared to upload an overview (2 pages or less) of your proposed international study abroad opportunity (in the form of an uploaded PDF or Word document). This description should include the name of the organization or academic institution hosting your study abroad, the location and proposed timeline of your study abroad, and an overview of the what activities you will be participating in during this study abroad opportunity. If taking coursework, please provide a list of prospective courses and how these will help you to progress towards completing your current academic program of study at UW. In addition, please tell us why you would like to participate in this proposed study abroad and how it will help to benefit and advance your current academic program of study and/or future career goals.

You will need to upload a detailed and itemized budget of the anticipated costs associated with carrying out your proposed field research. Common costs include airfare, housing, meals, and necessary research supplies. List the total of any additional personal funds, awards, or scholarships that you plan to apply to in addition to this award that can be used to help with the costs of the proposed field research.


Deadline:   Wednesday, March 15th, 2023


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