a student uses mursion in the WYTeach competition

WYTeach Rules

Contest Format

The contest will take place online with the option to present in person on the UW Campus during the finals. We will connect with students in their classrooms using a live videostream for virtual components.


Contest Rules

  • All materials, including lesson plans and instructional materials will be the result of each participant’s own efforts.
  • Dress professionally according to your content and grade level.
  • Schools may be represented by more than one participant
  • Three to five trained observers will be selected to judge the teaching simulation. Lesson plans will be judged by UW College of Education faculty. The gamification round will be judged based on student scores.
  • All materials must be adaptable for a virtual platform
  • Any participant in possession of any electronic device during the competition not necessary for the event is subject to disqualification.

Event Format

  • This year’s contest theme will be: Everyday Heroes
  • The initial rounds of the contest will take place virtually in your home or campus with an option to present in-person during the final round.
  • The event may be streamed live and/or include a live audience via video-teleconference webinar platform.
  • The contest includes 3 rounds:
    • Preliminary Round: Lesson Plan
    • Semi-Final Round: Top 12 selected for Mursion Game
    • Final Round: Top 6 selected for Teaching Segment


Judges for the competition will include faculty from the UW College of Education and Wyoming community colleges in addition to UW students from our teacher preparation programs.



The top three (3) finalists will receive scholarships to UW or a Wyoming community college.