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The Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) is a group of university-based officer training programs in service of the United States Armed Forces. The minor in Army ROTC Military Science at UW allows you to prepare for active service and future professional development.

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About the Minor in Army ROTC Military Science

The military science minor, encompassing 22 credit hours, will prepare selected students for commissioning and establish a sound basis for their future professional development. Students obtain a military science major over the course of four years at UW.

Many of our professors are decorated soldiers with a vast array of experiences in the Army at all levels of leadership.

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Army ROTC students at UW have numerous opportunities to further their education and career goals. The program offers access to special scholarships through the Army or Wyoming Army National Guard, UW block grants and multiple national scholarships. In addition, students can participate in internships with various Department of Defense and other associations during the summer, including NASA, US Corps of Engineers and Military Units, through our involvement with Project GO.

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What Can You Do with a Military Science Minor?

It's no surprise that most of our graduates end up working for the United States Army on Active Duty; others serve in the National Guard or work civilian careers. Over 95% of our Active Duty commissionees receive their top two choices of military job and duty location.

Army ROTC Careers

  • U.S. Army Active Duty
  • National Guard
  • Army JAG Corps
  • Corporate Business
  • Health Services/Army Nurse Corps
  • Force Sustainment

Here's how a few University of Wyoming Army ROTC alumni are making a difference:

  • Former Chief of Staff of the Army, Peter Schoomaker (four-star general)
  • Former Secretary of the Army, Les Brownlee
  • Wyoming National Guard Commander, Major General, Greg Porter


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Cadets from the Cowboy Battalion have served in every major U.S. conflict with distinction.


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Army ROTC Program Highlights

The Army ROTC minor is a flexible, convenient way to hone your resume and your leadership skills. Here are just a few additional program highlights that students talk about:

Military Gear

State-of-the-art military gear is provided to students by the department, along with a physical training facility for cadets. Labs are conducted outdoors at Pole Mountain recreation area and Curt Gowdy State Park.


Specialized Training

Military science students have the opportunity to receive specialized trainings through multiple UW programs. Students have the chance to participate in Airborne School and Air Assault School through our Summer Training program as well as trainings like West Point Field Training, Basic Camp, Combat Diver School and more.

I’ve had some outstanding experiences in my four years with Army ROTC. I’ve met some great individuals and been able to train at locations that most college students don’t have the opportunity to. This program has really taught me the skills and tools I will need to successfully serve in the Army.

- 2022 commissionee Second Lieutenant Kevin Millsap

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