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Earn a Computer Science Degree at UW

You can get a computer science degree almost anywhere. So why not learn to sling code in the west? Where you can take classes on the frontiers of technology, and where you can get your hands on super computers and virtual reality systems and learn from faculty conducting ground-breaking research?

What is Computer Science?

Computer science takes you behind the screens into the languages, ideas and processes that are driving cars, robots, websites, digital crime prevention, shopping, medical research, indeed, almost anything you can name.

Through the study of computational theory and applied computer programming, you will develop the skills to solve endless problems. From making websites faster, cooler and more responsive to developing software for medical researchers or ranchers, you will have the chance to not only improve people’s work lives but also to contribute to life-changing innovations (hello, robotic cowboys).

Start writing software to solve real-world problems in class and keep building your development toolkit through internships and research. Then pick up the torch of progress and venture onwards.

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A bachelor of science in computer science allows you to match your degree to your individual interests and pick between two concentrations:

  • Big Data
  • Computers & Business

On top of your computer science degree, you can also earn an undergraduate certificate in one of the following programs: 

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What Can You Do With a Computer Science Bachelor’s Degree?

Computer Science degrees are one of the most versatile degrees you can earn. A bachelor’s degree in computer science from UW makes it possible for you to enter the creative and highly compensated world of software development, whether you’re launching your own high-tech start up or pursuing a dream gig in sports, agriculture, energy production, telecommunications and more—because the world needs more coders. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that Computer Science jobs with grow 19% by 2026.

University of Wyoming computer science graduates enjoy a 90-95% job placement/graduate school attendance rate within 6 months of graduating. Computer Science also has one of the smallest pay gaps between male and female professionals according to the American Associate of University Women. STEM careers have a hand at creating the very tools that shape society.

Computer Science Careers

Computer science majors UW Department of Computer Science alumni have titles such as:

  • Technology Lead
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Operations Team Lead
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • System Administrator
  • Director of Client Solutions
  • Senior Data Scientist
  • Web Developer



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Here are some companies where University of Wyoming computer science graduates are making contributions:

  • Amazon
  • Lockheed Martin
  • American Express
  • Microsoft
  • Northrop Grumman
  • DHI Group
  • FirstBank
  • Charter Communications
  • MediaWorks
  • Major League Baseball
  • Cachematrix
  • Dish Network
  • Travelport
  • BeefChain
  • Exadel
  • Express Scripts

UW computer science graduates also go on to pursue advanced degrees at places such at Stanford, The John Hopkins University, University of Texas at Austin, MIT, the University of Wyoming and others.

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Computer Science Bachelor's Degree Program Highlights

As a computer science major at UW, you will develop outstanding problem-solving skills as you ride herd on programming challenges, large and small, in your classes, in competition and in professional settings. A computer science minor is also available for students.

The UW computer science department has developed strengths in cutting-edge areas such as robotics, artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, cyber security, formal methods and computational complexity, so you will graduate with the latest and greatest skills to take with you into this creative, constantly changing field.


The College of Engineering and Physical Sciences offers 300-plus merit scholarships a year.

Personal Attention

The computer science department boasts a 20:1 faculty-student ratio and 87 percent of classes are taught by faculty not graduate students.


Experiential Learning

As a UW computer science major, you will have the chance to conduct research, attend conferences such as the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence and compete at events like the Department of Energy’s CyberForce competition.


UW’s computer science program is accredited by ABET, an organization that validates engineering, technology and applied science programs worldwide for their quality.

Student Organizations

As a UW computer science student, you can get involved on campus while also learning more about the vast opportunities available in technology by joining organizations such as the Association for Computing Machinery, Robotics Club, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Tau Beta Pi and the Society of Women Engineers.


UW computer science students have interned at companies such as Trihydro Corporation, Manufacturing-Works, AristaTek, EchoStar Corporation, LGS Innovations and others.


UW has designated three floors (with computer labs) for engineering students only, so you can live and study with other computer science majors.  


As a UW computing student, you will have access to the Advanced Research Campus Computer Facility, the Mt. Moran Super Computer, the Big Horn Storage facility, the Shell 3D Visualization Center, the Cybersecurity Education and Research Center, Unix and MS Windows workstations as well as industry-leading software.

I want to thank UW for providing programs like the Wyoming Technology Business Center the Small Business Development Center Network—all of them. For us, it’s life changing.

- Cody Fagley, B.S. ’17
Managing director of Codeus Tech LLC

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