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The Online Energy Business Certificate is designed for professionals working in the energy industry or those who want to work in the energy industry. The identified courses provide students with the opportunity to gain knowledge related to real-world applications within the highly competitive industry. Tailored towards the working professional with a busy schedule, this certificate can be completed in two semesters and 100% online.

Individuals electing to pursue this non-degree-seeking graduate certificate will take the three (3) energy-focused courses.

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Examines the overall energy industry with a detailed exploration of the major energy subsectors and supply chains. Students will develop knowledge of the energy industry value chain including coverage of market dynamics, prevalent strategies, finance, operations, externalities, network effects, environmental and ethical considerations and associated policy issues.

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This course introduces students to the key methods used to evaluate investments in energy industry projects from the perspective of the developer as well as the lender and other stakeholders. Topics include project finance modeling, techno-economic considerations, business structures, regulatory and legal issues, risk analysis and deal terms.

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Introduces students to basic financial accounting and reporting issues related to energy-producing activities. Specifically, the course will investigate current accounting practices of energy-producing companies related to the exploration, acquisition, development and delivery of energy products. The course will also cover the financial requirements of the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 


Online Learning At UW

The University of Wyoming provides a comprehensive range of fully-online and hybrid programs in addition to the online energy business graduate certificate. They are equivalent to in-person programs in all the ways that matter – same learning expectations, same accreditation and your transcript doesn’t differentiate how you learned. Additionally, online learners have unique needs, and we provide a suite of academic and student resources tailored to help you succeed while at UW and after you graduate. 


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What Can You Do With an Energy Business Certificate?

The UW energy business certificate program positions you to be a leader in the highly-competitive energy industry. At UW you'll acquire the foundation necessary to work in the energy field in a number of positions. These are just a handful of positions you could have:

Energy Business Careers

  • Financial statement analyst
  • Manager
  • Auditor
  • Accountant
  • Researcher
  • Energy trader
  • Urban/regional planner
  • Land/energy consultant


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Here are just a few places our University of Wyoming alumni are making a difference with an online energy business certificate:

  • Black Hills Energy
  • Tata
  • Rocky Mountain Power
  • Mesa
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Business Energy Certificate Program Highlights

100% Online

Maintain your current work schedule with our program's completely distance learning format. Whether you're earning another graduate degree or getting your business energy certificate as a non-degree-seeking student, we want this program to serve a multitude of individuals. Your life doesn't have to become more difficult or stressful as a result of furthering your career.


The UW College of Business and business energy certificate program are nationally accredited by AACSB.


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Completing the Certificate in Energy Business provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of the energy industry, including its vast potential for future employment opportunities.

- Shane Stefanick

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