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The Honors College is a welcoming home for students eager to succeed academically in a small classroom environment and make a difference in the world. Build communication, research and critical analysis skills with a community of exceptional students and faculty while earning a minor that culminates with an exciting capstone project.

With an average of 200 students in the first-year class and over 700 Honors students overall, each enjoys interdisciplinary courses uniquely created and taught within the Honors College, while earning an undergraduate minor degree in Honors.

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About the Honors College

Areas of study at the University of Wyoming Honors College are broad and exciting. You’re given the chance to widen your understanding of our world through courses such as Race & Racism, Diplomacy & Negotiation or Love & Sex in the Global Economy.

Deepen your appreciation of film through the Spielberg & America course or enter the mind of a master playwright during Shakespeare in England & Italy.

The Honors College cultivates a one-of-a-kind academic experience that informs your perspective. Here are some other courses you might take as an Honors student:

  • Neuroscience and Law
  • Mass Media and Collective Consciousness
  • Disney Discourse
  • Pandemics and Outbreaks
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The faculty at the Honors College believes strongly in the impact of a study abroad experience. We’ve supported 300+ students throughout the past 4 years with scholarship resources that make these important opportunities affordable.

We’ve met the increased student demand for study abroad programs by adding over 17 courses as diverse as what we offer on campus. We live in a global community; recognizing this and being part of that community are fundamental steps to fully engaging with your university experience. 

Learning beyond the classroom can lay the foundation for leadership development. The SOAR program is an Honors College requirement that fosters your growth in this area through service, global opportunities, career skills acquisition and research.

SOAR creates a unique environment that supplements your academic learning by preparing you for the complex and unique challenges you’ll face after your studies.


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What Can You Do With An Honors Minor?

Honors College students contribute to the success of our programs by bringing their extraordinary abilities to the challenges we give them. The end result is a student body we couldn’t be prouder of. They’re true representatives of the values we encourage.

Our alumni have gone on to become professional actors and filmmakers, exceptional engineers, compassionate leaders, professors in higher education and life-saving healthcare professionals.


Notable Alumni Employers

  • Lyft
  • Twitter
  • Robinhood Markets
  • 3M
  • Amazon
  • Northwestern Mutual
  • McKinsey Global Management
  • University of Washington
  • University of Michigan
  • Colorado College
  • Columbia University

Notable Alumni Careers

  • Wyoming State Senator
  • Professors of Botany, English, Mathematics
  • Doctors of Medicine
  • Labor & Delivery Nurses
  • Head of Marketing
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Lead Engineers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Program Directors


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Honors students graduate a semester faster on average than students who have never done Honors, regardless of incoming ACT score.

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Honors Program Highlights

The Honors minor offers an enriching experience that will serve you well beyond your academic journey. Here are a few highlights that make the program special.

Outstanding Faculty

The Honors College faculty contribute prolifically to the University of Wyoming’s overall excellence. Core Honors faculty have authored, co-authored, or edited 17 scholarly or creative volumes. They’re nationally and regionally recognized and hold an exceptional number of distinctions. Our faculty members offer a level of mentorship not commonly experienced.

Undergraduate Research

Honors students undertake an exciting capstone project that encourages them to produce original research, creative, or entrepreneurial work. The chance to do independent work that distinguishes their academic efforts is one of the aspects that draws students to the Honors program.


The Honors faculty creates further opportunities for their students by facilitating internships at the university and throughout the community. Students are able to work alongside career professionals and begin to implement the wide range of academic and practical skills they are learning in the Honors program.

Meet Distinguished Visitors

Honors students have the opportunity to meet with various distinguished visitors giving lectures at the university. These speakers are often some of the most highly accomplished individuals in their fields. The result can be an inspiring perspective that illustrates to students the impact they can have in their respective fields and in the world.

The Honors College at UW allowed me to take a break from my STEM classes and really dive deep into the world around me. It helped me develop my own belief system and offered a collaborative space to discuss modern-day issues and ideologies. Because of the Honors College, I feel confident in communicating with others about a diversity of topics in a way that will be constructive and help change the world around me.

- Katelin Scheuerman
2022 Honors Graduate

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