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Honors Capstone

What is an Honors capstone?

The University of Wyoming Honors Capstone is an independent or collaborative undertaking involving research, creative, or entrepreneurial work that represents the culmination of your undergraduate studies. Most Honors students complete their capstone projects in their senior year, though you may apply to do it earlier.  

The Honors capstone may be completed in your major or build on work in your major/ minor but also does NOT have to be related to your major or minor. All Honors students will work on a significant capstone project while at UW. If they do this within their home department, then Honors will accept the home-department project for the Honors capstone as long as the capstone project meets the learning outcomes of the Honors capstone. 

What is a CAPSTONE Mentor?

The Honors capstone project must be completed under the direction of a capstone mentor. The capstone mentor can be anyone on faculty at the University of Wyoming or a member of the community with relevant expertise related to your capstone project. Their role as a mentor is to guide your project, provide feedback on your work, and attest the project meets the requirements. If you are a capstone mentor, see our Guidelines for Capstone Mentors to learn more about how to support your students.




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    Requirement 1

    an Honors Capstone project

    What problem do you want to solve? What interests you most?

  • Individual presenting

    Requirement 2

    an oral presentation of the results of your project

    What were the results of your project? What impact did it have on you or others?

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    Requirement 3

    a capstone mentor's evaluation of the project

    Were the Honors Capstone Learning Outcomes met by your project?





  1. Students will define a question that their project will address, responding to a problem, concern, or need. (The project can be scholarly, creative, service-oriented, or entrepreneurial).

  2. Students will develop a plan for carrying out the project that incorporates the following elements, as appropriate to the nature of the project: relevant skills, methodologies, bodies of knowledge, and field-specific and/or interdisciplinary conventions.   

  3. Students will analyze and interpret the material in their project, whether this be data, evidence, creative output, etc.  

  4. Students will engage in a process of sharing work with their mentor/s, receiving feedback, and incorporating feedback in the development of the project.  

  5. Students will create a tangible product that demonstrates critical thinking and insight in responding to the initial question.   

  6. Students will communicate their project at an Honors-approved venue (usually Undergraduate Research and Inquiry  Day)  through an oral presentation addressing the nature and significance of the project, as well as its implications/impact.  

  7. Students will reflect metacognitively on the project (i.e. articulate what they learned and how they grew from doing the project). 


Brain research



  • Step 1

    First-Year/Sophomore Year

    Brainstorm an idea that has the potential to make an impact that is a research, creative, community-engaged, or entrepreneurial project.

    When choosing a pathway ask yourself the following question, "What kind of impact do I want to make in the classroom, in the world, or in the community? How do I achieve it?"

  • Step 2

    12 months prior to capstone completion goal

    Choose a capstone mentor.

    • This could be any faculty mentor or a community member with relevant expertise that agrees to mentor you.

    • Unsure who to ask? Meet with the Capstone Coordinators Joslyn Cassady and Tom Grant by emailing or explore our Capstone Community of Support.

  • Step 3

    6-12 months prior to capstone completion goal

    Complete the Honors College Capstone Initiation Form.

    After you submit the form, your proposal will automatically be emailed to your capstone mentor for their approval.

  • Step 4

    Prior to graduation

    Complete your Capstone Project.

    Do you plan to graduate in the semester in which you complete your capstone? If so, please complete the required "Honors College: Declare to Graduate Form," which confirms for Honors when you plan on graduating. Your graduation plans dictate your capstone project timeline so that it is complete prior to graduation.


  • Step 5

    Prior to graduation

    Present your Capstone Project in an Oral Presentation.

    • This presentation should be completed at Undergraduate Research Day or Honors-approved venue.
    • Optional: As a member of the Honors College completing a Capstone Project you have the opportunity to publish your work in the Wyoscholar Repository through the UW Libraries. Publishing your work is a great opportunity but it is not required.
  • Step 6

    Fall Deadline: December 1 |Spring Deadline: April 26 |Summer Deadline: July 26

    Completed project due to capstone mentor for review.

    Your capstone mentor will use the Capstone Mentor Evaluation Form to evaluate your project according to the Honors Capstone Learning Outcomes.



Meet your Capstone Coordinators

Dr. Joslyn Cassady and Dr. Tom Grant co-coordinate the Honors Capstone program. They assist and mentor students throughout the entire process, from brainstorming ideas and helping students understand Honors Capstone requirements to making the finishing touches on a Capstone project. Do you need help getting started on your capstone project? Please reach out to Dr. Cassady and Dr. Grant.

Joslyn Cassady

Joslyn Cassady


Schedule an appointment with Dr. Cassady

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Tom Grant

Tom Grant

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