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Fast-Track Your Career in Law

The Quickstart 3+3 program allows UW students to earn a bachelor’s degree in energy resource management and development (ERMD) through the School of Energy Resources and a law degree through the College of Law. This allows you to gain the combined professional credentials in six years instead of the traditional seven.

The ERMD degree is designed for student success in both environmental systems and land management, with a curriculum heavy in federal land use, environment and society. The Quickstart 3+3 offers students a fast-track path to achieving their career goals; many of our students have gone on to pursue postgraduate opportunities in law.

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About the Quickstart 3+3 Program

The Quickstart Accelerated Energy Resource Management and Development B.S. and J.D program prepares students for legal work in a variety of fields. The undergraduate program gives students a base knowledge of the energy sector, but once in law school, students could specialize in a variety of law disciplines.

Students will spend the first three years earning credit toward a bachelor’s degree and the last three completing the law degree requirements. The credits earned after successfully completing the first-year law school curriculum will transfer back to the undergraduate program for awarding a bachelor’s degree.

View the full Quickstart 3+3, School of Energy Resources + College of Law degree program curriculum (Professional Land Management concentration).

View the full Quickstart 3+3, School of Energy Resources + College of Law degree program curriculum (Energy and Environmental Systems concentration).

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To qualify for the program, students must declare a major in ERMD by fall semester of their sophomore year and complete a minimum of 85-95 credits in the program by the end of their junior year. During their junior year, interested students must take the Law School Admission Test and apply to the College of Law.

Applicants are held to the same UW law admission standards as non-quickstart students.

School of Energy Resources

Our goal at this 4-year, public land-grant university is to provide support to Wyoming's energy industry, now and in the future. We do this by:

  1. Establishing and fostering relationships to develop progressive energy technology and respond to growing needs in Wyoming
  2. Preparing undergraduate and graduate students for a diversity of careers in the energy sector
  3. Providing markets for Wyoming's current fossil fuel energy industry

College of Law

The University of Wyoming College of Law faculty covers nearly every area of the law, allowing the college to offer a wide range of learning opportunities unprecedented for a school of its size. Dedicated scholars and prolific writers, the College of Law faculty are active in publishing articles, books and book chapters in their areas of expertise.

Their dedication to scholarship is matched by their commitment to teaching, with several faculty members winning awards for classroom excellence. Faculty members combine excellence in teaching and scholarship with a commitment to service at local, state, national and international levels and by presenting at venues around the world.

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What Can You Do with a Degree in Energy Resource Management and Development?

There are countless career paths for graduates of this program. We have had 100% job placement or graduate school matriculation of students since 2017 within six months of graduation. This includes law or something else energy-related for grad school, like geology, MBA, Economics, Rangeland Ecology and more.

Field of Work

  • Oil
  • Gas
  • Pipeline
  • Coal
  • Utilities
  • Wind and solar fields
  • Federal and state goverment
  • Environmental consulting firms
    Conservation Districts



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Earn your BS in Energy Resource Management and Development and JD in less time at UW.

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Quickstart 3+3 Program Highlights

Obtaining your B.S. and J.D. degrees in six years instead of the traditional seven is one significant advantage of our program, but that's not all. Here are a few additional highlights you might want to know about.


Low Debt Rate & Scholarships

Explore our Nielson Energy Scholarships which offer financial support specifically for students majoring in ERMD. SER offers a textbook scholarship to ERMD majors, as well as other opportunities for scholarship awards.

Internships & Networking

Take advantage of opportunities for networking with industry professionals, gain experience through internships and draw from connections with your peers. Students may participate in study abroad/exchange programs, international coursework, faculty-led trips and field courses. There are also opportunities to attend energy conferences and gain valuable networking connections.

Outstanding Faculty

SER recruits and retains multidisciplinary faculty with expertise relevant to Wyoming’s energy industry. Housed in seven different departments across five UW Colleges and Schools, professors in the School of Energy Resources are internationally recognized energy experts, who are actively involved in both energy research and teaching, making our degree the most interdisciplinary on campus!

Career Services

Unique to an undergraduate program, SER offers career services for life as ERMD alumni. This includes resume prep, cover letters, mock interviews and more. The College of Law also offers career services for life to alumni. This combination of energy and law-related career services for life is truly an exclusive offering at the University of Wyoming!

Had I known that SER provides such a good precursor to law school and prepares you so well to step into a legal career, this would have been my first choice.

- Caleb Dahill
SER Alum

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