Laramie Research & Extension Center

The Laramie Research and Extension Center was established in March 2011, though the individual buildings have been around for much longer.

Laramie R&E Center - Farm

Livestock Center

The Animal Science Livestock Center was constructed in 1990. The facilities consist of 12 buildings, including a temperature-modified lambing barn, beef and sheep sheds, a wool laboratory and classroom, a sheep handling building, a sheep confinement building, a multipurpose building, a swine confinement unit, and a state-of-the-art feed mill.

Outdoor arena

Hansen Arena

In September 1996, the 47,500 square feet Cliff and Martha Hansen Teaching Arena was dedicated at this location. This arena is used for numerous activities, including livestock laboratories, judging contests, and equestrian practice and competition.  In addition, the rodeo team practices in this facility, and the NIRA-sanctioned Laramie River Rendezvous rodeo is held here in the spring.

Laramie R&E Center Muli-purpose building

Multipurpose Buildings

The multipurpose building includes a complete surgical suite (900 square feet) with adjacent preparatory and recovery rooms and a 300 square feet laboratory equipped with hood, CO2 incubator, and centrifuge. Sheep and cattle are housed in adjacent outside pens equipped with feeders, waterers, chutes, and scales. The multipurpose building also contains areas for conducting sheep and cattle metabolism trials. This building is temperature controlled.

Laramie R&E Center - Greenhouse

Greenhouse Complex

College of Agriculture Research Greenhouse Complex was built in 1973 and is located at 962 North 30th Street (SW Corner of 30th and Harney Street). The 20,000-square-foot headhouse facility contains ten research laboratories, a classroom, an office, specialized processing, and supply areas.


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