Laramie Research & Extension Center

Scott Lake

Dr. Scott Lake - Director -

Dr. Lake is the director of Laramie R&E Center, professor, and UW Extension beef specialist. He holds a Ph.D. in Animal Science, and an MBA. Dr. Lake oversees and manages operations, research, and initiatives related to LREC, including the High-Altitude Bull Test, Wyoming Wool Initiative. His current research focuses on heifer development and pulmonary arterial pressure in cattle. Outside of work Lake contributes to the agricultural community by participating in multiple organizations, including the Operating Committee for National Cattleman's Beef Association, Wyoming Beef Council, and Albany County Fair Board, and serves as Wyoming Director for the United States Meat Export Federation.

Dr. Whit Stewart

Dr. Whit Stewart - Associate Professor, Extension Sheep Specialist -

Dr. Whit Stewart is an associate professor of animal science and the UW Extension sheep specialist. Stewart’s interests are conducting applied research and extension education for the betterment of the commercial sheep industry. He also has an interest in placing students in careers that support the lamb and wool industries in the U.S., either directly or in support of allied industries such as nutrition, lamb processing, marketing, animal health, extension, and nonprofit groups. Recently, Stewart is a cofounder of the Wyoming Wool Initiative and Lamb-a-Year program. He also acts as an advisor for the UW Collegiate Wool Growers and UW Intercollegiate Wool Judging team.

Derek Scasta

Dr. J. Derek Scasta - Rangeland Extension Specialist, Associate Professor of Rangeland Management, Plant – Herbivore Interactions Ecologist -

Dr. Scasta is an associate professor and UW Extension range management specialist. Scasta holds a Ph.D. and professional certifications in range management. He is currently working on a new ranch development project on the McGuire, researching carbon and cattle grazing. Additionally, Scasta has been investigating the use of fire to manage greasewood shrubs; how sheep target toxic plants; and general range management questions related to livestock grazing across Wyoming, including on public lands. His projects often involve close cooperation with ranchers. Outside of work Scasta is a member of the Society for Range Management (SRM) and recently served as the President of the Wyoming section of SRM.

Research Greenhouse
Phone: (307) 766-5043

Ryan Pendleton

Ryan Pendleton - Greenhouse Operations Manage -
(307) 766-5043

Ryan Pendelton is the LREC Greenhouse operations coordinator. Ryan oversees daily operations of the LREC Greenhouse and assists regularly with research from numerous University of Wyoming departments, including plant sciences, botany, molecular biology, chemical engineering, and zoology.


Livestock Farm & Hansen Arena
Phone: (307) 766-3665

Landon Hoffer

Landon Hoffer - Assistant Farm Manager - Farm Operations -
(307) 399-9160

Landon Hoofer is an LREC assistant farm and shop manager. Prior to joining LREC, Landon received a bachelor's degree in agriculture business. Landon specializes in assisting with farm operations and works closely with Anowar Islam, PhD., on forage field trials. Outside of work, Landon is an active member of the Wyoming Board of Agriculture and the Pioneer/Lake Hattie Irrigation District.

Kalli Koepke

Kalli Koepke - Assistant Farm Manager - Sheep -
(719) 314-6571

Kalli Koepke is an LREC assistant manager and sheep unit manager and works alongside Drs. Cody Gifford, Whit Stewart, Hannah Hollinger, Derek Scasta, and Jeremy Block on various research projects. Kallie received a bachelor's degree from UWYO in animal science production with an emphasis in sheep production. Kalli is an essential team member in many of LREC’s programs and initiatives. She works diligently to support the annual Wyoming Wool Growers Ram Sire Tests, Lamb-a-Year Program, Wyoming Wool Initiative. Outside of work, Kalli is an active member and contributor to Wyoming Wool Growers Association and Albany County 4-H.

Elias Hutchinson

Elias Hutchinson - Assistant Farm Manager - Arena -
(307) 399-5850

Elias Hutchinson is an LREC assistant farm manager. Prior to his position at LREC, Elias received a bachelor's degree in agriculture communications. In addition to his role as assistant farm manager, Elias is also wagon master for UW’s iconic draft horses, Pistol and Pete. Elias works closely with UW students as an advisor for the Ranch Horse Team.

Ben Hollinger

Ben Hollinger - Assistant Farm Manager - Beef -
(307) 703-1226

Ben Hollinger is an LREC assistant farm manager for the Beef Unit. Prior to joining LREC, Ben earned a B.S. Animal Science from the University of Wyoming. Ben specializes in assisting with farm operations and beef research projects conducted by UW faculty. Outside of work, Ben is an active member of the American Hereford Association and Red Angus Association of America.

Pat Parker

Patrick Parker - Assistant Farm Manager - Swine -
(307) 721-7018

Pat Parker is an LREC assistant farm manager for the Swine Unit. Pat assists with farm operations and swine research projects conducted by Drs. Brenda Alexander and Cody Gifford. Pat works to support both LREC and UW programs, including 307 Elite Show Pig Sale, UW Block and Bridle club, UW Livestock Judging Team, and UW Meats Judging Team. Outside of work Pat contributes to Albany County 4-H and Snowy Range FFA.

Pat Parker

Amy Newman - Accountant -
(307) 766-2315

Amy Newman is an LREC accountant. Prior to her position at LREC, Amy received a bachelor's degree in animal science and ag business and worked as an accountant for the UW Department of Animal Science. In addition to her role as an accountant, Amy is an assistant coach for the UW Wool Judging Team and an advisor for the Collegiate Wool Grower's club. Outside of work, Amy helps her family with a successful goat operation in Colorado.


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